Battlefield Bad Company 2 BFBC2: Sniper Rifle Breakdown

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BFBC2 Sniper Tips

The Sniper has always been a popular class in battlefield games, problem is, its becoming to popular. Teams nowadays seem to consist of 75% snipers that aren’t helping the team complete the objectives. BFBC2 is all about teamwork, this isn’t Deathmatch on Modern Warfare 2. Please respect your teammates and limit your use of the sniper class if your team is already flooded with them.

BFBC2 Sniper rifles

When it comes to rifles there are really only 3 worth talking about the M24, GOL, and the M95. The others are really just glorified assault rifles with scopes that take 3 hits to kill. Luckily every one starts off with the M24. It takes two body shots for a kill with the M24, or one headshot. It’s the strongest sniper rifle you get until unlocking the M95.

BFBC2 sniper Range

Range is every thing when it comes to sniping in BFBC2. Most tend to stay away from extreme long range for a few reasons:  your accuracy will fall and your kills per minute will drop along with it. Being at extreme long range from your enemies also means your extremely far away from the map objectives.

Most usually start out at long range and try to pick off a guy or two then move up to a midrange spot. Playing midrange as a sniper puts you in danger but also makes it a lot easier to lay down cover fire for guys in your squad taking flags, or blowing up bomb sites.

BFBC2 Effective Sniping

There are tons of people playing as snipers right this second. More than 90% of them are having a negative impact on their team. Some times the most effective thing you can do is to not go sniper. Most teams are already loaded up with way too many. A team half full of snipers isn’t going to get the job done when it comes to objectives.

The whole point of going sniper is to get kills and force the other team to use up their respawn tickets. To be effective you need to rack up enough kills to help out your teams attacking forces. To get those extra kills you need to move closer to the action. You’ll end up with some more deaths too but going 10 kills and 1 death as a sniper is a waste. Most rounds are 20-25 minutes long so 10 kills is less than 1 kill every 2 minutes. Some thing like 20-9 or 20-11 is a much better score from some one contributing some thing. Your goal should be to get about 1 kill a minute while sniping. If your only getting 1 kill every 2 or 3 minutes its probably a good idea to switch to assault and help out the team.

Aiming ahead of the target

Hitting some one standing still is simple, hitting a moving target gets a little more complicated. Bullets in BFBC2 are not instant, they take time to travel through air. Because of this you must fire in front or above, moving or long distance targets respectively.  Bullets travel pretty damn fast so the lead isn’t much, but its there. For moving targets, you shouldn’t have to aim more than one body thickness in front of him.

There are two techniques for acquiring lead and firing. The first is tracking aim. You place your crosshairs on top of the target then jump ahead of him and fire. The second is ambush. Ambushing is much simpler. Instead of tracking, you set your crosshair a good distance in front of the target. Wait until he is about to cross into your crosshairs then fire. Try both see which one works best for you.

BFBC2 Sniping Bullet Drop

This is slightly similar to lead. Instead of travel time your fighting video game gravity. At medium range you only need to aim at the top of their head to land a clean one shot kill.
At long range aim just a few pixels higher than that.


How a sniper moves around the map is extremely important. Most of them don’t realize this however and you can see for your self how bad they get raped. Understand that you’re not playing against bots, but real, thinking people. As such they feel things like annoyance and anger when picked off by you and may seek revenge when they respawn. Standing in the same spot, especially if the server has KILL CAM enabled will aid your enemy in finding you.

Sniper vs Sniper

Sniping wars are what dreams are made of. Being able to win these fights consistently and neutralize the other team’s sniper is good for your team and score. You need to find them first though, who ever can find the other guy first has a massive advantage.  Pay attention to to rooftops, windows, trees, and most importantly SHADOWS.

Once you actually find some one to do battle with the first thing you must do is assess how good they are. At this point you should be behind cover and preferably alive. Now you need to decide if they saw you or not. This can be tricky at long range so just pick some thing and go with it. If you give them credit for being a good player and they saw you, do not peak out the same way you ran in.

Engage them from a different angle. This will force them to move their crosshair and give you extra time to get your shot off first. You only have one shot to do this. If you miss take cover and don’t peak that spot again. Find a new angle and keep this up until you hit.


M24 Sniper uses the Nato 7.62 MM Round. It has good range and stopping power. The M24 is a bolt action with a capcity for 5 rounds. It does have 2 scope attachments.



GOL-Sniper rifles are manufactured in Germany by the Herr Gottfried Prechtl, one of the best German gunsmiths specializing in custom Mauser rifles. Since they are calling it a Magnum I am assuming that it is using the .338 Lapua round. This weapon is very accurate at long range.



The M95’s primary role is anti sniper and anti-material, I love that word: anti-material that means you can’t hide. It has five 50 cal rounds that have a range of 2,000 meters.



The SV 98 Sniper Rifle uses a cold hammer forged barrel and action. It is equipped with a flash suppressor and an integral scope mount. It is a 10 round bolt action rifle with a range of about 1,000 meters.


SVU Snaiperskaya Short

The SVU is a sniper rifle based on the Dragonov SVD. It is  semi-automatic with a 10 round cartridge capable of extremly accurate rire at extended ranges.


Type 88

The Type 88 has a 10 round clip. It is semi-automatic with average accuracy and stopping power.The standard day optic used on the QBU-88 for military use is a Chinese 3-9×40 scope with an integral quick-release mount. In 2008 a new Chinese 6-24×44 tactical scope became available for counter-terrorism and other law enforcement use.


VSS Snaiperskaya

The Vss uses a heavy subsonic 9×39mm SP-5 cartridge. The bullet is very effective at penetrating body armor. For this purpose it is equipped with a hardened steel or tungsten tip to penetrate a 6 mm (0.2 in) high-density steel plate at 100 m; a 2 mm (0.08 in) steel plate or a standard army helmet can be fully penetrated at 500 m, however the rifle is typically employed under 400 m.



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    Hope you guys like the video. Its mine and I am working on alot more to come. You can check my youtube page and subscribe to know when they come out. I will now be sending them here as well.
    This is a sweet ass site!

    1. Scott

      I’m a fairly compotent sniper myself, my kill to death ratio is 6.03 to 1, however I do still have trouble with leading shots 400 meters and up. You’re right about how essential the pistol is and a cool trick to do is if you run out of ammo in your sniper rifle (M24) then at intermediate ranges simply put the crosshairs on the target, switch to your pistol without moving your screen and open fire. The best pistol for this tactic is the M1911, however, I personally prefer the M9 as my normal service pistol, but it can still do the same job. If you could do a video of sniping at extreme ranges (400 meters+) I would appreciate it. A good map for extreme range shots is the first stage as attackers on Arica Harbor, sniping from the hills above the attackers spawn. Thank you.

  3. luckie

    voici l’info qui est bonne merci !

  4. Pvt. Paula

    Are you using standard scope or the 12x on Afric Harbor (first vid on page)? Maybe you can make a vid to show the difference in aming.

    Great Site!

  5. Joe

    I like your videos, but I just wanna tell, not to be arrogant, but I’m pretty damn good with the sniper/recon kit. Add my PSN captain_richard. I don’t play core, i play Hardcore. One shot One kill even though you hit the enemy in the body. But actually, your video doesn’t help me, for me. About the thing you said, recon doesn’t get a lot of kills, you’re wrong. You can kill many guys all the time, w/ one condition you have to keep moving every time you kill. But don’t use your pistol. If you see an enemy right in front of you, knife him. If it is 25 meters away, don’t shoot it. Just leave it behind. Don’t try to expose your position. But, keep up the good work, I’ll give you some tips on the game. Just play with me in Hardcore mode. =)

    1. David

      no offense but hardcore for sniping is cheating in my eyes. It does not take skill to get a one shot kill on a body shot. There is no reward for a skillfull player, just rewards the inaccurate inconsistent sniper. I only recommend HC for begginers becuase its too easy to get kills and everyshot is a kill, no skill needed in that. I dont remember saying anything about not getting alot of kills becuase i usually top the everyone i play with or against. Even running and gunning with a sniper rifle. I honestly have not come across anyone that can out snipe me, not being big headed just the truth. you can add me if you like i have more vids up on my channel to help others and play with my subscribers.

      1. Joe

        I’m from asia. So I going to be online when you’re offline! Peace man! Except for weekends. What is your PSN?

      2. unknown

        Are u serious ? im good ass hell as a sniper in regular so far nobody has out snip’d me.. imo its easier in regular all you have to do is scan an hit spot to light up the enemy position then when they move you can easily track them due to the big ass red marker.. in hard core yo ACTUALLY need to use you eyes to find people, scan makers dont work and sniper battles are more fun not being able to see your enemy moving when hes behind a rock keeps you guessing.

      3. Andrew

        HC is how sniping should be.. what frustrates me more then anything is lining up that prefect shot on a moving target just to have him take the hit and keep moving. Now I’m all about the M95, I figured with that much power and bullet designed to eliminate aircraft I wouldn’t have any problem getting kills. However now even in HC I can smoke a guy in the chest and he just runs away as I cycle the bolt. In RL this size of bullet traveling at any reasonable velocity would blow a hole the size of a football in the guy (american or european, take your pick). ridiculous.

        The one shot kill is what a sniper is for, to make that one shot and make it right every time. Nerfing SR power is just stupid imo, takes the fun of the hunt right out of it. Making the .50cal survivable is just embarrassing.

        1. James

          Well, if you wanted realistic, then BF:BC2 isn’t the game for you. If the game was so realistic that even a 9mm round between the eyes from any range would kill you and mounted .50 cals would perforate any cover in the game and take the person out in one hit, I doubt many people would play =P

  6. MintyXI

    Nice tips mate. I’m moving onto recon next after getting all the unlocks on Engineer. Add me MintyXI, but please don’t be on the other team!

  7. xvebbyx

    Hi, I am a bit confused. I don’t know what to pick: M24, GOL or the M95.
    please help me I don’t know what to pick : (

    1. admin (Post author)

      I personally like the GOL

      1. TD

        For some reason i also Prefer the GOL over the M95, GOL 12x scope has clean crosshairs as opposed to the M95’s. only time i use the M95 over the GOL is with a red dot scope as a close-mid range weapon.

    2. Goregash

      It doesn’t matter which one you use, it depends what feels best to you.Just try each sniper for yourself and if you find the handling/scope and range good. Just take it up a lvl and snipe some more. I’m maxed at Recon but I still use the M24 with ammo bandolier and spotting scope(Untill I get magnum ammo, even though it doesn’t really matter)

      1. Mac2.0

        I agree I use the sv98. I have all of them unlocked but I can get more head shoots with that gun than any other.

  8. karou

    no offense the sv95 is my fav sniper rifle it takes 2 shots to kill in the body so im sorry but i think your stats are wrong

  9. spAzo

    I tend to use the SV98 the most as well. I used the M24 up untill the unlock of course. The thing that I found is the class is “Recon”, not “Sniper”. I spot every single target I can and though it may not affect my own score, the amount of assist / spot kills I get are very high. I live to take out other snipers, and spot for my team. Also the occasional mortar strike to empty enemy infested buildings go a long way too. The GOL does seem to have very little or no sway at all, but the crosshair does not cater for long range drop calculation, another reason why I prefer the SV98. I have yet to unlock the m95 and hopefully the better bullet penetration (so I’ve heard) should help for those sneaky gun barrels poking out of windows.

    1. TD

      i use the GOL for long range all the time and the lack of crap on the crosshairs helps me.. you don’t worry about calculations, i find that after awhile you just know how far to lead or aim high. Extremely long range? i’ll miss once, adjust and put it between your peepers, ain’t like you can see me 😛

  10. Swylen

    I was once a feared sniper in AAO which was heralded for gun accuracy at the time. I’m having a hard time adjusting to the sniper rifles in this game. I probably just need more time but I’m old and really suck at close quarters combat so I stick with the sniper. I just got the x12 scope so hopefully I get better.

  11. .50cal

    i like ur video and im new at this game i hope u could show me more about sniper what ur acc in bfbc2??

  12. allstars10

    im just wondering where are you from m1nUrthr3t and where did you get this usful information from,also make another video on somthing about this cos it is SHIT GOOD!! your god sniper. Let us know how you do it.

  13. M24ispro :D

    my personal favourite is the m24 even though ive unlocked every single gun…… i use magnum ammo with it. and play hard core so one hit kill anywhere except arms.. it has a great close range combat (noscoping) and medium and kinda long but the gol definetly beats it long range.

  14. Fin

    Out of all the snipers, I like to use the M95 with Magnum Ammo. The reason for this is that the M95 keeps its damage over range considerably more than the other snipers. This means that, with Magnum Ammo, you get one hit kills to the chest from ranges that are about 70 yards. This makes it great with the ACOG (x4) sight. For the longest range sniping, try using the M24 or the GOL. Also, no one here has talked about what Handguns to use: if your using Magnum Ammo, REX becomes a 2 hit kill at close range, but the low rate of fire can mean your killstreak comes to an end, so the M93 is also useful with MA. If your using the spotting scope instead of MA, the M9’s high stopping power makes it a great choice.

    1. Richie

      I dig the m1911 .45cal bullet I believe it’s 7 shots and you bring them down by 3. I also like it cause it’s bullet is bigger than my m24s

  15. Richie

    Minor threat I like your videos I was looking for a tutorial for my cousin cause he plays cod mw2 and tried to hop into sniping in bfbc2 and he was getting mad cause of the gravity effect (affect?) anyways I showed him your video and he’s starting to get the hang of it. And to all the snipers out there add me PaybaQ101 (ps3). I’m always down for a challenge. M24 all day for me. Love it.

  16. Richie

    oh and I forgot to ask what is marksman headshot I get that alot?

    1. Goregash

      Think that’s a long range headshot 🙂

  17. unknown

    i love the gol rifle but hate the scope so i use the m24 but i think it is just not as accurate at extreme range as the gol. the m95 is just a piece of crap doesn’t have enough power for a 1hit kill but takes ages to reload point when the gol and m24 are more accurate and faster also the vss is fun with a acog at close range

  18. Alueshin

    SVU Short is where it’s at… It has range, accuracy and 10 round mag. Head one shot kill, Body 2 or 3 in regular mode. But where it shines is up close when you get stuck having to fight off multiple close range attackers. Easily the most versatile all around recon weapon in the game. The silencer is a must for HC as there is no bullet vapor trail and shots are silenced to help you maintain cover…

  19. Deathhawk164

    So, the SV98 is a glorified Assault Rifle?

    1. Jak9876

      Nahh, the VSS is though, it is automatic

      1. 1shot1kill

        the VSS is actually semi and auto and hits harder than the game says, keep in mind it is a game so its not gonna be perfect, if it was ya would be able to kill a chopper gunner or even a tank driver with the M95 as it is a armor pierecing weapon but ya cant cause it is a game though that would be interesting and would make snipers more effective hmmmmmm . . .

        1. Sgt. Stinger

          You CAN kill heli gunners/pilots with the M95!
          The real M95 would not, how ever, be able to take out a tank gunner/driver.

          1. Babykiller

            The M95 is a .50 cal sniper, in real life .50 cal sniper rifles are able to pierce the armor of a tank.

          2. Fasfadsf

            are you on crack… a 50 cal round can not pierce the armor of a tank… you’re taking anti material to the next level. Unless they’ve recently come out with some kind of insanely explosive 50 cal round then your claim is absurd. Now a 50cal can break through an engine or pierce the armor of a humvee and thats what “anti material” refers to. A tank would be the most useless piece of equipment if a simple 50 cal round that has been around for half a century could pass through its armor.. lol.

          3. Dan Bedford123

            the new explosive tip of 50. cal rounds explode when the target is hit (anything hard that is, a 50. cal bullet can split a man in half from a kilometre away) when it’s embedded it explodes and gives of the stopping power off a point blanc shotgun blast! those bastards can take out apaches 4 god sake!!!

          4. Wrongwrongwrong

            That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Split a man in half? Also, about the apaches. No.

          5. imsoawesome

            this is true, saw it on discovery lol

          6. Cthuhlu

            probably not penetration on a tank, but an APC…definitely. especially if you are using a very specified 50 cal DU SLAP round and/or a DU Flechette round. and at that point you arent shooting at the person, you are hoping to hit and penetrate the armor, which causes the DU penetrator to superheat and catch fire/explode once it passes through the armor

            but, since there are only 1 to 2 KNOWN rifles that can fire these kinds of DU flechette rounds, its not likely that it would be in game. here is a link of one of those weapons:

          7. Ra7777

            Holy shit, sniper nail gun.

          8. Bailey

            okay. A newer model of the .50 Caliber sniper rifle round has an explosive tip. Also, due to the size and shape, it can literally drill through tank armour by blowing up. It is shaped like a drill bit, and the .50 caliber rifle’s barell puts an extra spinning motion to the bullet. Therefore, the drill shape and spin along with the explosive tip will penetrate a tank. MAYBE Abrhams and Bradleys, but MOST DEFINATLY the smaller tanks models’. Wich also includes AA (Anti-Aircaft) and AT(Anti-Tank) metal shells.

          9. Anonymous

            you must be trolling. the .50BMG isn’t some kind of magical bullet.

            First of all, the “ballistic tip” doesn’t actually act like an explosive. It actually lends itself to just being more frangible, making it actually worse for penetration since the bullet tends to break up on impact.

            Second, the variety of .50 BMG that actually is armor-piercing is a saboted round that utilizes a tungsten penetrator, which allows it to punch through things such as concrete walls and -light- armored vehicles.

            Also, I’m not sure where you got the part about imparting an “extra spinning motion.” Perhaps you’re talking about rifling, which is a property in literally every type of modern firearm except smoothbore shotguns? The spinning of the bullet has absolutely nothing to do with the damage that it does: Its only purpose is to stabilize the bullet in flight, increasing its accuracy.

            There’s absolutely no way a .50 BMG could penetrate the armor of an M1A2 Abrams, ever.

            Also also, it’s anti-materiel, not anti-material. Anti-materiel, as in the opposite of anti-personnel. Google it.

          10. Kennethiv

            thank you yahoo for being the only person here with a brain

          11. Mr Doodle_5991

            It’s, anti materiel.

          12. Stetser1220

            you need to stop talking while your behind. .50 Caliber sniper rifles are used in Iraq to nuetralize tanks and other sorts of armored vehicles. Look it up on youtube. YOU ARE LITERALLY THE MOST THICKHEADED SHITDICK WHO SHOULD HAVE HIS EYES CUT OUT AND TOUNGE RIPPED FROM HIS MOUTH AND JUST BE SHOT BY THIS .50 CAL. (while in a tank, 20$ says you don’t come out breathing:)   )

          13. Dr.Smrtak

            .50 can’t go through armor of a tank.

          14. demonic

            Your an idiot stop using utube and use history and world war one there was rifles called anti tank rifles they are no longer effective since the early stages of world war 2 cuz solid materials such as a bullet was unable to puncture tank armor becuz it became to thick. Amr’s are used for very long range sniping and the neautrilizing of enemy vehicles and equipment it is not effective against a tank unless u shoot veiwports which I don’t think tanks use anymore. Besides a standard .308/7.62 would be just as effective.

          15. bob

            are you on crack??

          16. ryan

            fucking google it assholes…the M95 was specifically desigined to because an anti-air gun, however it was also used on soft targets for thousands of meters off, with the new technology of bullets a M95 can use…it could take down a fucking jumbo jet in 1 shot no question, M95’s can also puncture tank armour with ease and with some specialised bullets can bring the fucker down

            now if you excuss me im off to capture some objectives…

          17. thebat

            obvious troll. 

          18. quickscopersarecheaters

            .50 cal vs tank
            tank will win 
            the .50 cal was originality designed to penetrate tank armor but that was before we used depleted uranium on our tank
            .50 cal vs chopper
            could go either way choppers are made to be light so they can fly and most standard LMGs and ARs an penetrate its skin but for the .50 it a matter of hitting the damn bird
            .50 cal vs APC
            almost the same boat as the tank but the depleted uranium on the APC is much thinner since it uses rubber tires instead of the tank treads so it may be able to Penetrate 
            .50 cal vs car
            Haha game over car
            .50 cal vs soft targets (people)
            you will loss a body part because with a round that size and its speed it will knock a very large hole in you and upon exiting your body it will create a small vacuum that will force most of your innards out and if hit in the right spot will blow you in half.

          19. Dr.Smrtak

            they are not.

          20. Adam Jeschke

            The M1A1 Abrahms Tank and subsequent models of said tank have been constructed of Honeycomb Armor specifically to prevent the piercing of .50 caliber bullets by sniper fire and machine gun emplacements that use .50 BMG ammunition. Russian, Chinese, German, and any other NON-American made tank armor CAN and will be pierced EVENTUALLY by .50 caliber rounds, but it would likely take a machine gun like the M2, rather than the Barrett Sniper Rifle, as the metal of the tank would get super heated by the repeated hits, and eventually fail. You should NOT be able to kill a tank driver with a .50 cal sniper shot unless you get incredibly lucky and the armor is already weakened. Also, it requires Incendiary rounds to properly pierce the armor of any tank. The Honeycomb armor of the M1A1 is also capable of deflecting the blast of some RPGs, as well as 40mm grenades, though a well placed shot on the treads will disable any tank in one shot…. in real life.

            Source: I am a former Marine Corps Armorer, and while Marines don’t work on tanks, the Armed Forces has a combined Armory School, where Soldiers and Marines attend together, and we talked a lot about tank armor and .50 cal rounds.

          21. Michael Karnuth

            Thank GOD! Someone that was actualy in the service of sam. Look ok gammers. YOU ARE GAMMERS! How many of you actualy have ever seen a .50 round? Or a M1A1 Abrahms for that matter?! Your all arguing yahoo, google, youtube.. The .50 BMG 12.7.99mm NATO round to start with wasn’t even made for a rifle. It WAS made for the Browning .50 cal MG. Which for the love of god YES will punch through a tank. APC A-APC, or anythin that gets in the way! When fired at a high rate over and over. HOWEVER Like the guy above here stated the Abrams was made to with stand it…. WHY? Becuase a .50 cal could bust a tank.. but in this case a rifle aint going to cut it… Not really. See even if it makes it through the volocity of the round is going to be slowed to the point of geting stuck or being non-leathal. However you sure as hell can blow the tracks off one. As far as air craft. That is laughable. Yea it sure as shit will punch through the cockpit of a slick.

            Source: 75th ranger regiment marksmen Fort Benning Hooah! But the .50s are a bit much for me. I’ll stick with the .338 lapua. 😉

  20. Nxjcaksb

    You write like a 10 year old, chocked full of grammatical mistakes and plenty more logical fallacies. You’re not qualified to write.

  21. Frikker

    Nxjcakbs is obviously a troll. Keep up the quality work. Thanks again!

  22. The Anti-N00b

    Snipers are shit in this game! If you snipe at all, all you are doing is helping your team to loose BADLY! I can be a real brutal asshole in a tank, and when I see a mess of camping snipers on the other Team, I hop in that tank, and ROLL them! Know why? Because they can do NOTHING about it. They have absolutely nothing except for Mortars to destroy a tank, and because i keep moving, and I keep shooting, I eventually flush the turd suits out, and put a 120mm main gun round up their scrub asses!

    All sniping will do is piss of the enemy team and pretty much assure you that you and your team will get their asses handed to them. If you wanna snipe, then Sniper Ghost Recon is the game for you. Battlefield is not for loners that only wish top fuck the game up for everybody else. In fact, our server has taken anti-camp measures and put them in place for these n00b’s so that their stay is a short one on our servers, and we keep them filled with real players 24/7.

    If you are there to snipe find another game, because Battlefield is not a campfest, and we’re actively taking measures to get rid of these cowards from the game completely.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree to a point here. Snipers are useful, but it seems that 70% of the team goes recon. That’s a losing formula team-wise.

    2. Gregnsyl

      I disagree. As BF2 BC has no commander, I find that a good sniper is both working to suppress the opposing teams snipers and to work as a spotter. In positions selected to protect and expose opposing moves against flags a sniper can be quit valuable.

      1. Dis12upt

        I hate how this guide says its all about getting lots of kills when playing recon. If your taking lots of shots and getting lots of kills your not really playing your position as a recon. I find if I go kill happy I help my team less by not always getting critical kills, not marking targets while they assault an objective, revealing my position and getting flanked spending more time dead and walking back to a good position.

        If I chill out a bit and mark lots of targets for my team, wait for those critical kills like when a engi is fixing a tank or another sniper laying mortars, and in general not dying, it seems that the team does alot better.

        just my two cents here i guess. as for what rifle i use, i choose depending on the map and what my plan is. on bigger maps i use a m95 or m24 and 12x scope with motors and spot scope. on smaller maps ill use the normal scope, take more ammo and use c4 with mag bullets. some times ill use m24 or a semi auto rifle.

        the best i find too is when i play with a good friend that can play recon well and we communicate in party chat calling targets to each other and time our reloads and if we got hit markers on a certain target, using this set up we can really influence the battlefield.

      2. Dis12upt

        I hate how this guide says its all about getting lots of kills when playing recon. If your taking lots of shots and getting lots of kills your not really playing your position as a recon. I find if I go kill happy I help my team less by not always getting critical kills, not marking targets while they assault an objective, revealing my position and getting flanked spending more time dead and walking back to a good position.

        If I chill out a bit and mark lots of targets for my team, wait for those critical kills like when a engi is fixing a tank or another sniper laying mortars, and in general not dying, it seems that the team does alot better.

        just my two cents here i guess. as for what rifle i use, i choose depending on the map and what my plan is. on bigger maps i use a m95 or m24 and 12x scope with motors and spot scope. on smaller maps ill use the normal scope, take more ammo and use c4 with mag bullets. some times ill use m24 or a semi auto rifle.

        the best i find too is when i play with a good friend that can play recon well and we communicate in party chat calling targets to each other and time our reloads and if we got hit markers on a certain target, using this set up we can really influence the battlefield.

    3. John

      you do realize you can destroy tanks with c4s as a wookie? lol but there is also offensive snipers (bomb an objective throw motion sensors and blast anyone you spot till the thing blows up) there rare though so yeah sniping can be a waste but thats what hardcore squad deathmatchis for

    4. Joshcad85

      I’d take out your tank anyday with a sniper. I use all classes but prefer sniping in the larger maps and depending on the time of day on it for the ghillie suit. I do agree that they are way way over used though but saying the class is worthless is just not true.

      1. Samkearney1994

        Lol, They do get C4…a tanks worst nightmare half the time.

    5. Redtroll

      I am sniper in a lot of time in BFBC2 and i too hate “snipers” but this is snipers who only stand and non marking (spot) do not use brain and wait only on aimed shoot (100% kill) in every team must be good sniper-s 1-4 for good spot and support other kits. on these way i hate players who see sniper in his team and unnecessarily annoy or rail and on end round i have more points and kills then they. In this time i know that i do my work as a sniper very good…

    6. 1shot1kill

      wow all that comment did was make you look like a complete retarded douche bag

    7. Synapse

      Lol he just can’t snipe himself. And first of all its called RECON Dumbass real players who snipe will own your ass and your tank anytime. And yes we piss off the enemy team cause we take them out faster than they can aim.

    8. Fukayamama

      Dear anti-noob, you are a fag.

    9. SEAL 2012

      I agree when some one is camping all the time but when I snipe I take my shot and move on to get closer to my squad. Im not the lone wolf asshole and I rely on my squad for support. mosly Im a counter sniper and mark anyone I can for my team to kill later. maby ten rounds ever fired from the rifle, mostly roll with my 1911.

    10. coldborekill301

      geezus kid get off your period, its not our fault your wreckless ass got raped by a sniper, so you rage quited and posted this bitchfest on the first sniper thread you found! I swear its the little cunts like you that mass complain till developers nerf whatever the fuck your going on about this time, just to stop the headache you cause them. then a well balanced game becomes one sided and actually skilled players leave which leaves the game utterly worthless. i hope for your sake i dont see your tank drivin round my battlefield.

    11. Degradenz

      Fuck Bag,  recon have C4 as well as mortar strikes. “actively taking measures to get rid of recon?” LOLOL

      what are you  the police or something. You cant not stop people from clicking the recon class. You sir are the coward for not being able to put up with it. N00b

    12. Josh Lane

       Do you not know about c4? I have killed 10 tanks in my 2 days of playing this game with c4….

      1. Bailey

        In my 3 days of game play i have 213 kills with c4. Because i camp with a sniper half the time, and if i see a tank, i charge that think to death. Imo, c4 is the most deadly and usefull weapon in this game. In my opinion.

    13. Josh Lane

       lol people are not as smart as you would think….go recon, wait it out, when they ROLL up….BLOW em UP.

    14. Bailey

      i love that you say that my friend, because If you were in a game that I was in, i’d pop your head every time i saw you kid. I have a 78% accuracy with the m24, 68% accuracy with the m95, and my t88 accuracy is high 50’s-mid 60’s. so if we ever come across eachother in a game, you’re a pixelated deadman.

    15. NotableAardvark

      I am a sniper. We are not all like this, I hope you know. YES, there are lots of snipers that just camp there 5 year old asses off, and it is annoying, but I have to say this. Having 2 or 3 SKILLFUL snipers on your team can be a real asset. They can light up targets for you, mortar choke points, place c4 on key targets and if they are half decent, they can counter sniper those campers. Don’t hate on us just because there are a group of people that brand us with a bad name. 

      It’s like you with tanks and helicopters. It really annoys me when I come across a team that are 95% engineers and all they do is sit in tanks and helicopters and constantly blast us and repair themselves. Saying that, vehicles can be an asset too, assisting with strategically holding down a position or trying to break a well formed spawn trap. 

      The point to that is that in everything, there will be groups of people that exploit a certain role, but there will also be people that play the role well and be really good at it. Don’t hate all of us.

      P.S My team doesn’t get their asses handed to them when we snipe, it’s quite the opposite 🙂

      1. Gustavo Flores

        I also snipe. I do not do it for the personal kills. I spot for my mates, clear up ahead with mortar fire and sensors. But more importantly. I counter-snipe. I do what most real snipers do; I provide intel, real time advice, and if it comes to it, I act as diversion and draw fire and attention. And one thing I enjoy doing a lot is to shell vehicles when they think thy own the road.

        1. NotableAardvark

          Well thats how i think snipers should play the game, and its cool if snipers play like that, not camping and trying to be MLG with a sniper. Message me if you want to squad up; xbox306gamertag: NotableAardvark.

      2. Marcus

        I snipe all the time and I camp all the time too. Please don’t apologise for me. I don’t need you too. This is a game, but just as in real life people exploit it where they can. Bitch and moan all you want about how others play but in the end unless they are hacking then the fact you bitch about them probably means they are effective. And even if it doesn’t its not your place to dictate to others how they should play. If you don’t like it then you are free to leave! There’s nothing sweeter than a k/d ratio of 5+  🙂

    16. charles graeser

      Come to my server and ill easily go 20-0 on just you and I wont shoot anyone else its called sniping not camping if your going to bitch because snipers are in your game then gtfo oh and btw roll a tank on me pal and ill drop some c4 on your retarded ass

  23. Scout8435

    Depends on the skill level of the marksman.
    If you have a team that is 100% Recon, but experts.
    They will win. However the amount of noobs on the game specifically show us that that 100% expert team will most likely never happen.

  24. Anonymous

    Any chance the “tutorial” videos could be reuploaded by someone else?

  25. Steve9

    I don’t think people get how good the semi-automatic snipers are. I put a 4x and magnum on an svu, and go 25-5 while arming objectives and using motion mines to help my team. It’s a 1 shot headshot kill at spre close range, and a two shot kill with a headshot at anyother range…3 shot kill otherwise. AND it’s silenced, so they never see where you are. You can counter sniper really easily b/c there’s not the crazy sniper bullet drop when you use a 4x, and you can put 10 shots down range while the other sniper is reloading.

    1. bob

      the drop is the same, its just that the 12x scope magnifies the drop as well as the target

  26. Anonymous

    SVU / Type 88 are functionally identical (give or take silencer) and they’re my favorite. Yeah the M24 or SV98 are the best for long range work (long long range use the M24), but if you’re doing long range you’re not being helpful to your team most of the time. With semi-auto you can be with your squad popping motion sensors and doing counter-sniping while also retaining a fair bit of short range ability. Keep the MP412-REX handy for when you hear someone creeping short range on you. It can also double as a medium range sniping tool if you’re caught between reloads. Magnum ammo + red dot.

  27. ital777

    Another point of the game is to rack up points for rapid promotion. This is slow if you stick only to a sniper role. I prefer to snipe but do interchange depending on the map and the point I enter the game. If I start the game then I’ll snipe until either 7 or 14 kills in order to gain the extra points. Then switch to Medic and throw around lots of medi kits and revive fallen comrades. More points. If there’s time, go to Assault and dish out ammo.If there’s lots of tanks then a stint at Engineer is good. Stick to one sniper rifle until you’ve notched up platinum then change to get more points going silver and gold etc. Ditto with the pistols and all other arms. Best sniper tactic is to get around the back of the advancing enemy and pick them off as they go forward. Best pistols are the 1911 and Rex.

  28. InterestedParty

    I dont know if another commentor has mentioned this but the SV98 does the same damadge as the GOL and M24 (100 until 10 meters when it begins to drop to 50 at about 35 then levels off again) but has a faster reload than the M24(4.8 sec v 5 sec) and twice the clip size. It also fires one shot per minute faster than the M24 and three per minute faster then the GOL(37 v 36 and 33).

    Personally, I see no reason to use the M24 once you unlock the SV98 and no reason to even use the GOL unless there is some nuances I am missing.

    1. Harrylam256

      Thank god, some one pointed it out..

    2. redzlanj

      GOL sounds sexy.

    3. Ali

      The scoop on the SV98 bugs a lot of people

    4. Ra7777

      Gol actualy shoots faster.

  29. Dwyane

    I’ve found that the 3 russian sniper rifles are the best.  The SV-98 is the best for long rang sniping because of it’s fire rate, and for the same reason it is the best quickscoping rifle (and because of it’s 10 round clip, although the M95 is 2nd best quickscoping b/c of the one hit kill range that is double that of other bolt actions.)

    The SVU is the best for midrange shooting, because it is silenced, has an extra clip compared to the t88 and doesn’t leave bullet trails. with magnum it is a two shot kill at any range, assuming that one shot is a headshot.  can anyone confirm if it is a one hit headshot kill at very close range?

    The vss is the best weapon in the game hands down.  It does more damage per shot than any every other gun save for the other snipers and has a fire rate equal to most SMGs, while it’s accuracy is higher than any assault rifle.  If you are able to tap fire it at long to mid range, you can overcome the ridiculous recoil and snipe people in a fraction of a second with 2 headshots.  At close range it is only beaten by shotguns.

    I have platinummed the sv-98, svu, vss, and m95, and have in the low hundreds for the other sniper rifles.

    1. Dwyane

      just to add to that, I play assault recon more than long range, and have upwards of 10,000 motionmine assists and around 100,000 objective score.  And yes, I’ve used other classes, so I would still say vss is best gun in the game. 

      1. Rob

        Interesting I just started using the SV98 and realized that it not only has a 10 round mag but it also has 5 more bullets than the other semi-auto sniper rifles.
        I will have to try out the vss and see how it compares.

  30. Mr.Vengeance

    All I know is this, I paid $60 for this game.

    So I’ll play it however the Hell I want to.

    1. Jargamund

      If you go to a sporting event, and act like a total D-bag, they’ll throw you out. Same with pretty much anything you pay money to do with other people who have also paid money. 

  31. redzlanj

    If you want to level fast with a recon class, unlock the Saiga and just camp at Rush. I got 5000 XP points or whatever just camping there, given that my team and I kept disarming the bomb and the game went on for like half an hour to forty five minutes. (Yeah the other team was pretty crap) But yeah, the Saiga owns especially with the shotgun clip capacity increased and extra ammo. Yeah I levelled up 3 times just using the saiga in 2 days as in level up i.e. 22-23. Oh wait right best sniper M95 is a beast and the VSS Sniperskaiya Special is pretty insane as well. 

  32. Bailey

    Just a tip, if you’d like a Semi-Automatic rifle to rush the enemy’s front-lines with, get the “SVU” and attach either the 4x scope (ACOG) or the Red-Dot Sight.

  33. Kai Clarkson

    Personally, I tend to use the M24 with 12x zoom over everything else.  I have unlocked every other recon sniper and specs, and have tried the GOL and M95, but they didn’t particularly work for me (I don’t know if I just don’t cling to them, or my first impression was when I was playing shit, but yea) and I have found that I generally come back to the M24, just because it is awesome all round.  And plus I think it has grown on me a little bit, as well as the fact that I am used to how the Mills work and where to shoot to get an instant kill.  If I were you, I would get used to a particular sniper, as it will make it easier to get kills because you know where to shoot with it.  

  34. Frozen95

    Wierd with the whole m24 thing would have thought it has a bit more bullet drop but then again I use the GOL for the accuracy and pretty much the same damage

  35. Charlie

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I get plenty of 1 shot kill body shots using the M95. And it is accurate enough for me to consistently get headshots as well. And I’m doing this all at long range. I’m a pretty good sniper on the game. If you put the Magnum Ammunition perk on your M95, you can consistently kill in 1 shot with a body shot, and I also use the 12X optical scope, and with all this it is accurate enough for consistent headshots. That is, IF your actually good at sniping in this game. If you’re not, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Go be a medic or something. You get REALLY big machine guns, so you can lay down the fire, and you can also be even more beneficial to your team because you can run around healing people. There always seems to be a shortage of medics, even if I am with a ton of my guys. Apparently either all the medics on my team are stupid and don’t know how to revive people or don’t know what the little revive icon over dead people means, or there are very few snipers on the team. Come on people, get away from sniping if you suck at it, trust me, you can be a GAME CHANGER as a medic with relatively little skill, and it is also easy to gain skill as a medic. Snipers can be game changers too, but most people suck at it. Sniping’s difficult. Deal with it.

  36. CountPushkin

    You can be a team player it is called ‘spotting’, half of my points then playing as a sniper are from this. Also when playing Rush hammer the objective with morters when your team plants a charge.

  37. Aaron

    i have shot an Anzio 20mm anti tank sniper……. its sure as fuck aint no 50 cal but to say there is not sniper capable of that is ridiculous maybe you fools should quit paying attention to the “cool” shit everybody constantly talks about and actually go and enlighten yourselves and realize there is is way bigger and more powerful sniper rifles then the fuckin 50. cal

    1. Kennethiv

      i fired that before i did the .50 almost broke my damn shoulder. and we cant hav that in a game because with all the 8year old and there quick scoping BS they would have to put a suicide switch on it of the fire it while standing i still want to see someone quick scope with just a .50 IRL the recoil + the momentum of pulling the scope to you eye will send that scope through your scull and you will die very very fast   

  38. Steveovalladares

    The only good ones are the GOL, the M24 and the m85

  39. Ra7777

    Okay pro tip: GOL has no idle sway so its best sniper rifle, because it has same damage as m95. Use mp443 or 1911 pistol and mortars.

  40. jerry.

    dude, it really depends on the map you are on to suit the rifle you need, and in hardcore, its one hit from any recon class weapon to kill.  

  41. 4ggr3551v3 r3c0n

    Best class:
    SV98, MP-443 GRACH, C4 and motion sensors…


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