Hardline Launched-What are your opinions?

So, yesterday Hardline launched. The game looks nice, feels nice, but it’s not a real military Battlefield. Is the cops and criminals style for you?

Since the beta, I felt that this game will be good. I mean, finally, my favorite class was “nerfed” and people started using LMG’s and PDW outside of Metro and Locker. The new features seemed nice, besides the magnum ammo, you could destroy a car faster with a sniper than with a Rocket Launcher. But, I had a limited time playing Hardline, and still no money to buy the ultimate version, or at least the deluxe version. So, I want to hear your impressions. Is it “yeah “or “nah”?

Also, the launch trailer was quite cheap, not as good as “This is Battlefield 4 Multiplayer”. You can see for yourself: Launch Trailer

Wanna buy the game? Wait a little. It would get cheaper and you can hear other opinions!

If you got the game, are you enjoying it? Tell us in the comments below.



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