Is Hardline Stable?

It is well-known now that BF4 had a rocky launch in 2013, and the game only started properly working in the eyes of many in May 2014, leaving less than a year until the next Battlefield game known to EA as “Project Omaha”. This new project is now known to the general public as Battlefield Hardline, developed by Visceral Games, lead by the creators of Dead Space, and the first ever Battlefield title not developed by DICE. Now, just a few days after launch, the key question many are waiting to learn is, “is Battlefield Hardline stable?”

My thoughts are yes. Thankfully, for EA’s sake and the devs’ sake. If it wasn’t stable, I think that the fans would just leave the franchise altogether, and quite rightly so after so many consecutive unstable or unfinished launches. With the help of CTE and a bit of assistance from DICE, Visceral have done a stunning job of creating a spinoff of the traditional Battlefield series! Could it be the next Bad Company? We shall have to wait and see. Anyway, back to the key point of this article: is Hardline stable? So, what are the problems if the are any?

Well, of course at a AAA game launch there are bugs, but there seem to be no game-breaking issues in my opinion. Overall, the game runs fairly stable. I play Hardline on Xbox One, so I can’t speak for any other platforms personally, but the issues that I have come across so far are:

Sound issues:  I have come across a few sound issues where the sound just drops out and you can only hear specific sounds, or in some cases none at all. This seemed to fix itself. In fact, since the full game launched (I had EA Access), I haven’t come across any issues with sound, surprisingly, because there haven’t been any patches, so maybe it was just server side. I have no idea.

Rendering issues:  Now, I have had problems with this multiple times where the water is just lines appearing on the screen, as well as a few cars that have just simply driven over water without sinking, which doesn’t seem to be correct. I have only noticed this on Hotwire when using the nitro.


Issues that were in BF4 at launch for comparison–

  • Netcode
  • Loadouts resetting
  • Sound Issues
  • Crashes
  • Rendering Issues
  • Sever Issues

Otherwise, Hardline seems to be very stable and I really do enjoy the map design which seems to be perfect. The are two key features that I really miss on Battlelog. These are, “Apply to all kits” and “Track an item”. I found these very useful, and hopefully they shall be added in a patch at a later date.

Stay tuned…I am doing a walkthrough without commentary on my YouTube channel, and I shall post the full walkthrough here on Hardline Central for you to watch!

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