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Is Hardline Stable?

It is well-known now that BF4 had a rocky launch in 2013, and the game only started properly working in the eyes of many in May 2014, leaving less than a year until the next Battlefield game known to EA as “Project…
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Papoutsis on Singleplayer: It is “important”

In an article on the Official Xbox Magazine site, Edwin Evans-Thirlwell writes about an interview with Steve Papoutsis at Gamescom regarding his take on singleplayer. “Visceral’s general manager Steve Papoutsis feels there’s plenty of mileage left in the idea of a…
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Battlefield Hardline beta, Ranks and Veteran infomation

Battlefield hardline lead dev Steve Papoutis has announced that the will be a Team Deathmatch gamemode, 150 Ranks at launch and loads more of key details for the next battlefield game. Here is the article from MP1ST: “Previous reports from an…
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Jack Frags interview with Lead Multiplayer Designer of Hardline

Battlefield YouTube personality JackFrags caught Battlefield Hardline‘s lead multiplayer designer Thadeus Sasser at Gamescom 2014 to talk about some of the tweaks and improvements Visceral’s multiplayer design team has made since the last beta. The game has been delayed until…
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Hardline Delayed until early 2015!

The Battlefield Blog recently posted that Visceral Games and EA have delayed Battlefield Hardline until Early 2015. The decision to delay Hardline was made because of feedback from the beta after E3! Visceral identified a large number of changes they wished…
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