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Well, I’ve been a Battlefield fan since Battlefield 2. Been playing countless nights with my father online, or with different mods. I currently work as a programming assistant at my local university and as a assistant at my local computer shop. I enjoy building PC’s, creating video games or playing games.

XBOX DDoS attack-Hardline affected

Hardline’s launch was good…way too good. No significant complaints, no bugs, the servers were stable, and the game felt good and fresh. Until now. Some individual or group DDoS’d EA’s servers and shut down the service. For some time, no one could play…
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Hardline Launched-What are your opinions?

So, yesterday Hardline launched. The game looks nice, feels nice, but it’s not a real military Battlefield. Is the cops and criminals style for you? Since the beta, I felt that this game will be good. I mean, finally, my…
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