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9/27/13 Posted on article Two new Battlefield 4 HD Wallpapers (1920×1080) [Update: Plus one]

8/20/13 Posted on article Battlefield 4 “Paracel Storm” High Res Screenshots 1920×1080


8/15/13 Posted on article US, Russian, & Chinese Battlefield 4 class character models revealed (High 1920×1080 Resolution)


8/13/13 Posted on article Battlefield 4 Remote-Controlled Mortar Confirmed For Support Class


7/2/13 Posted on article Two new Battlefield 4 screenshots

rsz_battlefield-4-multiplayer-screenshot-7-2-13 rsz_bf4-singleplayer-screenshot-7-2-13

6/10/13 Posted on article Four more Battlefield 4 screenshots (High Res)

bf4-e3-screenshot bf4-e3-screenshot2 bf4-e3-screenshot3 bf4-e3-screenshot4

6/10/13 Posted on article Four new Battlefield 4 screenshots (High Res)

6/9/13 Posted on article 50+ Leaked Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial Menus and Gameplay Screenshots

5/21/13 Posted on article Two additional Battlefield 4 screenshots released

battlefield-4-screenshot-may21 battlefield-4-screenshot-may21-2

5/4/13 Posted on Article New Battlefield 4 screenshot released

Battlefield 4 screenshot May Battlefield 4 screenshot may2

3/27/13 Posted on article Amazon has two additional high resolution screenshots

amazon bf4 screenshot2 amazon bf4 screenshot


3/26/13 Posted on article Battlefield 4 screenshots leaked

battlefield 4 screenshot leak thumb battlefield 4 screenshot leak3 thumb battlefield 4 screenshot leak2 thumb

3/16/13 Posted on article Battlefield 4 cover art leaked








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