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BFBC2 Sniper Tips

The Sniper has always been a popular class in battlefield games, problem is, its becoming to popular. Teams nowadays seem to consist of 75% snipers that aren’t helping the team complete the objectives. BFBC2 is all about teamwork, this isn’t Deathmatch on Modern Warfare 2. Please respect your teammates and limit your use of the sniper class if your team is already flooded with them.

BFBC2 Sniper rifles

When it comes to rifles there are really only 3 worth talking about the M24, GOL, and the M95. The others are really just glorified assault rifles with scopes that take 3 hits to kill. Luckily every one starts off with the M24. It takes two body shots for a kill with the M24, or one headshot. It’s the strongest sniper rifle you get until unlocking the M95.

BFBC2 sniper Range

Range is every thing when it comes to sniping in BFBC2. Most tend to stay away from extreme long range for a few reasons:  your accuracy will fall and your kills per minute will drop along with it. Being at extreme long range from your enemies also means your extremely far away from the map objectives.

Most usually start out at long range and try to pick off a guy or two then move up to a midrange spot. Playing midrange as a sniper puts you in danger but also makes it a lot easier to lay down cover fire for guys in your squad taking flags, or blowing up bomb sites.

BFBC2 Effective Sniping

There are tons of people playing as snipers right this second. More than 90% of them are having a negative impact on their team. Some times the most effective thing you can do is to not go sniper. Most teams are already loaded up with way too many. A team half full of snipers isn’t going to get the job done when it comes to objectives.

The whole point of going sniper is to get kills and force the other team to use up their respawn tickets. To be effective you need to rack up enough kills to help out your teams attacking forces. To get those extra kills you need to move closer to the action. You’ll end up with some more deaths too but going 10 kills and 1 death as a sniper is a waste. Most rounds are 20-25 minutes long so 10 kills is less than 1 kill every 2 minutes. Some thing like 20-9 or 20-11 is a much better score from some one contributing some thing. Your goal should be to get about 1 kill a minute while sniping. If your only getting 1 kill every 2 or 3 minutes its probably a good idea to switch to assault and help out the team.

Aiming ahead of the target

Hitting some one standing still is simple, hitting a moving target gets a little more complicated. Bullets in BFBC2 are not instant, they take time to travel through air. Because of this you must fire in front or above, moving or long distance targets respectively.  Bullets travel pretty damn fast so the lead isn’t much, but its there. For moving targets, you shouldn’t have to aim more than one body thickness in front of him.

There are two techniques for acquiring lead and firing. The first is tracking aim. You place your crosshairs on top of the target then jump ahead of him and fire. The second is ambush. Ambushing is much simpler. Instead of tracking, you set your crosshair a good distance in front of the target. Wait until he is about to cross into your crosshairs then fire. Try both see which one works best for you.

BFBC2 Sniping Bullet Drop

This is slightly similar to lead. Instead of travel time your fighting video game gravity. At medium range you only need to aim at the top of their head to land a clean one shot kill.
At long range aim just a few pixels higher than that.


How a sniper moves around the map is extremely important. Most of them don’t realize this however and you can see for your self how bad they get raped. Understand that you’re not playing against bots, but real, thinking people. As such they feel things like annoyance and anger when picked off by you and may seek revenge when they respawn. Standing in the same spot, especially if the server has KILL CAM enabled will aid your enemy in finding you.

Sniper vs Sniper

Sniping wars are what dreams are made of. Being able to win these fights consistently and neutralize the other team’s sniper is good for your team and score. You need to find them first though, who ever can find the other guy first has a massive advantage.  Pay attention to to rooftops, windows, trees, and most importantly SHADOWS.

Once you actually find some one to do battle with the first thing you must do is assess how good they are. At this point you should be behind cover and preferably alive. Now you need to decide if they saw you or not. This can be tricky at long range so just pick some thing and go with it. If you give them credit for being a good player and they saw you, do not peak out the same way you ran in.

Engage them from a different angle. This will force them to move their crosshair and give you extra time to get your shot off first. You only have one shot to do this. If you miss take cover and don’t peak that spot again. Find a new angle and keep this up until you hit.



M24 Sniper uses the Nato 7.62 MM Round. It has good range and stopping power. The M24 is a bolt action with a capcity for 5 rounds. It does have 2 scope attachments.



GOL-Sniper rifles are manufactured in Germany by the Herr Gottfried Prechtl, one of the best German gunsmiths specializing in custom Mauser rifles. Since they are calling it a Magnum I am assuming that it is using the .338 Lapua round. This weapon is very accurate at long range.




The M95’s primary role is anti sniper and anti-material, I love that word: anti-material that means you can’t hide. It has five 50 cal rounds that have a range of 2,000 meters.




The SV 98 Sniper Rifle uses a cold hammer forged barrel and action. It is equipped with a flash suppressor and an integral scope mount. It is a 10 round bolt action rifle with a range of about 1,000 meters.


SVU Snaiperskaya Short

The SVU is a sniper rifle based on the Dragonov SVD. It is  semi-automatic with a 10 round cartridge capable of extremly accurate rire at extended ranges.


Type 88

The Type 88 has a 10 round clip. It is semi-automatic with average accuracy and stopping power.The standard day optic used on the QBU-88 for military use is a Chinese 3-9×40 scope with an integral quick-release mount. In 2008 a new Chinese 6-24×44 tactical scope became available for counter-terrorism and other law enforcement use.


VSS Snaiperskaya

The Vss uses a heavy subsonic 9×39mm SP-5 cartridge. The bullet is very effective at penetrating body armor. For this purpose it is equipped with a hardened steel or tungsten tip to penetrate a 6 mm (0.2 in) high-density steel plate at 100 m; a 2 mm (0.08 in) steel plate or a standard army helmet can be fully penetrated at 500 m, however the rifle is typically employed under 400 m.



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