Vietnam Gadgets by Class

Assault Class

Ammo Pack

Ammo The assault class comes with an ammo pack that players can lay down for themselves and teammates. Simply throw the ammo down and stand near it to replenish ammo and rack up XP. Pay attention to fellow teammates who have an icon over their head indicating they are low on ammo.

M79 Grenade Launcher

M79 Damage – 100
Blast Radius – 5 meters
Takes 10.5 Seconds to resupply from ammo pack
Does 94 Damage to armor. Hit armor in side and rear to do more damage

Engineer Class

Repair Torch

Torch The engineer comes equipped with a torch that is used for repairing vehicles. A team can keep the upper hand for a long time with good engineers healing their wounded armor. The engineer should ride shotgun so they can repair the vehicle while their teammate fends off enemies


RPG-7 Damage – 100
Blast Radius – 6 Meters
Takes 4.5 Seconds to reload from ammo pack
Does 360 Damage to armor. Hit armor in side and rear to do more damage

Medic Class

Medic Kit

Medic Kit The medic class comes with a healing pack that you can lay out for you and your teammates to regenerate their health and to rack up XP. For maximum benefit be sure to always drop one in highly contested areas on the map


Syringe The medic has the ability to revive fallen teammates with a syringe. Your map will show you where fallen teammates are. Be careful though, be sure the area is safe before reviving a teammate or it will be pointless for that teammate to die again instantly.

Recon Class

Mortar Strike

Mortar Strike The mortar strike can rain down a barrage of mortars on the enemy team. Use them to clear out a base before taking it or you can use it on the objective to defend it. Use it wisely as it takes awhile to rejuvenate


TNT TNT is a great multipurpose weapon. Use it to blow down buildings / destroy armor / protect M-COM stations or Flags or booby trap an area. This does require some stealth to sneak in and plant the TNT. Be sure you are at a safe distance before detonating it.

All Classes

Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade Use grenades frequently to clear out rooms or to ensure no one is disarming or arming that M-Com station. If you die and you are running back to a base, use the grenades to clear a path

Combat Knife

Combat Knife For that special touch, say hi up close and personal with a combat knife. Not many things give as much pleasure as taking an enemies dogtag so that it hangs in your nice collection.

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