Six Basic Rules Of Battlefield Bad Company 2

It seems inevitable there is always going to be that guy on your team who you feel must have just picked up gaming for the first time. He ran out, bought the game, and joined your squad for his first FPS game ever! Right? Here is how NOT to be that guy.

1. Know Your Role

There are four classes you can choose from, all of which can have a customized loadout. Your base class is your role. Knowing what it is and how to use all the tools at your disposal is key to your squad’s and team’s survival.


Assault Class Unlocks Here

Use your primary Assault Rifle in short bursts over short-medium range, it can reach out to long range, but often it is very hard to see, and your target will duck behind cover before you can take him out. Be sure to spot anyone you see over long range and take a couple pot shots at him, it can soften him up and leave him vulnerable for anyone lurking with a Sniper Rifle.

Use the 40mm Grenade Launcher to blow holes in the sides of buildings and eliminate large clusters of enemies. Clearing the bomb site of debris once the bomb has been set can be extremely important to keep the enemy from disarming. Clear a path and watch the enemies flood in. Then pick them off one by one.

As an Assault class, you have the power to resupply your teammates. It is crucial that you listen for them. They will let you know when they need more ammo, and it is your job to give it to them. You have an unlimited supply of these ammo boxes, so don’t be shy. Tossing a couple down in heavily trafficked areas will help your team immensely. Also, this means you don’t have to be shy about your own ammo. Be generous with your 40mm grenades and lay down covering fire if you have to. A resupply is only seconds away.

By looking at your Assault teammate and pressing the spot button you can request a box of ammo. The ammo box has a resupply time of 1.5 seconds, with a maximum of 10 resupplies.

Unless you often find yourself surrounded by enemies, you are going to have plenty of time to reload your primary weapon, making sidearm pistols somewhat useless. In the case of the Assault class this is especailly true, due to the fact he will never run out of ammo. Take the Tracer Dart instead, and help out your fellow Engineers in destroying enemy armor – you get bonus points for it!


Engineer Class Unlocks Here

Use your primary Sub Machine Gun at short range in short or sustained bursts. Keeping the enemy out of close quarters is where you excel. Often it is beneficial to stay near the target when defending, or head directly to towards the target when attacking. You are not of much help when out in the open, so sticking close to walls and hiding in the bushes is where you will thrive.

There is one tool at the Engineer’s disposal that is vital for any friendly tank or APC: the Power Drill. When your armored vehicle is taking damage, back it out of harm’s way, hop out and repair it. It’s that simple. Keeping the tank alive is key to keeping the enemy team suppressed and will allow your team to advance forward in setting charges at the M-COM stations.

The Power Drill repairs 625 health over 8.6 seconds, with an overheat time of 2 seconds

In addition to repairing tanks, as an Engineer you also have the power to destroy enemy tanks. Use RPG’s or AT-4′s to destroy enemy tanks and keep their advance off of you and your team.

The location you hit a vehicle counts! See our post here (towards the bottom of the page) on where to aim your RPG.

All armored vehicles, including the Heavy Tanks and APC’s have 1250 points of health

Use tracer darts in conjunction with the RPG and Carl Gustav to make the shell count, especially if you see the tank retreating. This will allow the rocket to lock on and get a solid hit when you otherwise might miss by free-firing. The AT-4 delivers 420 base damage, the highest pure damage output of all three launchers. On a strictly “tank busting” mission, take the AT-4.


Medic Class Unlocks Here

Use your primary Light Machine Gun at medium-long range in sustained bursts. Accuracy for these weapons is surprisingly decent, so short burst firing isn’t always necessary. While laying down covering fire, be sure to open up the trigger to keep the enemy locked down. Listen to your squad mates and when they want to make a push for the bomb site, pop up and pin them down.

A very important part of playing the Medic are the MedKit and Defibrillators. You have the power to heal and revive your teammates, so listen for them, and watch the HUD. When they are hurt they will tell you. It is your job to fix them up. Just like the Assault’s ammo boxes, these MedKits are unlimited, so don’t be shy. Again, toss them in highly trafficked areas and in key buildings, and anyone else who looks like they could use it.

The MedKit heals 10 health point per second in a 3.5m radius. The two Medic upgrades increase the heal radius 2x (7m), and healing time 1.33x

Reviving teammates can sometimes mean the difference in winning and losing. Not only will you gain a ticket back, but you can put that soldier right back in the fight again, rather than re-spawning all the way back at the base. Be smart with the revives, do it when the time is right.

The Defib’s have a recharge time of only 3 seconds, allowing for multiple revivals in succession

If you plan on being a Medic, it is important you have a patient to treat. This means staying near your squad, or at least some of your teammates. That doesn’t mean you have to hold hands so you both die together, but equally it means you don’t go lone wolf. Just be close enough so you are able to respond quickly to a teammate in distress, but not so close you both eat the same grenade. Revive him when he dies, heal him when he gets hurt. It’s pretty simple.


Recon Class Unlocks Here

This does not mean you are a sniper. It means you provide reconnaissance, hence the title. Yes, you do have a big Sniper Rifle, and if you are decent with it, by all means use it, but don’t just sit a mile and a half back perched on a rock getting 2 or 3 kills a game. You aren’t dying which is definately a good thing, but you aren’t really being a team player, either. A true Recon class will stay behind the front lines, but be close enough to be in the action to be of some use.

Destroy vehicles with C4 packets. If you are anywhere near the action you will surely come across enemy vehicles. You can usually gain the element of surprise on them and sneak up behind. Plant the charges, back away and… BOOM! Quickly and quietly eliminate enemy armor, and if given the chance, lay C4 down on the M-COM stations too.

Be sure to approach a Tank or other vehicle from its rear, and at an angle to avoid becoming road kill in the case the enemy driver throws it in reverse

Part of being involved in reconnaissance means calling out and locating enemies. This involves vocal communication as well as using – and abusing in some cases – the spotting system. Light up anyone and anything you see! In addition to spotting enemies, use the motion sensor balls around the targets a lot. This is sort of a blanket spotting system, but only shows on the HUD radar. It can determine if an area if safe to plant or too dangerous, and warn your team where the enemy is approaching from. Spam the motion sensors and keep restocking from an Assault’s ammo box. The Motion Sensors detect moving enemies in a 20m radius

2. Learn to Spot

Pointing your gun at an enemy player, entrenched weapon, or vehicle and hitting the designated button will light them up with a red triangle for everyone on your team to see. Do this all the time. Your teammates will thank you for it. Lighting up enemy tanks can give your fellow tankers the heads up – he might not even know that tank is there!

If that’s not enough, you also get a fat points bonus every time a target you spotted gets killed. Bad Company 2rewards teamwork.

Spotting buttons:
  • PC = Q
  • Xbox = ‘Back’
  • PS3 = ‘Select’

Just face it, you aren’t a god. You’re probably not going to be able to kill everyone you see. Spotting will help the rest of your team help you; after all, that is what they are there for. Learn to use the spotting system and use it often.

If you see a guy on a Machine Gun, and you don’t have a clear shot, spot him up for your team, someone else might have a clear line of sight. See a dude on a TOW missile? Give your teammate in the gunner seat of the AFV the scoop and have him take it out. Enemy Apache in the air? Spot it out for the AA gunner. It’s not hard to do, and can only benefit you and your team.

3. Know How and When to Play

There are going to be a lot of people seeking relief from Modern Warfare 2, and they will surely be bringing those same tactics that worked for them there to this game. Basically, don’t do it. You will die, and die a lot.

Rushing in guns blazing will very rarely ever get anything accomplished. You will likely die a quick and boring death from any number of things, only to re-spawn with one less ticket than you had before. And for god’s sake, if you did it once and it didn’t work, don’t do it again. We’re not telling you to camp, however. Everyone on your team camping with a Sniper Rifle will not get anything completed either. You need a nice balance of aggressive and conservative game play. Knowing when to move up, and when to sit tight is a key ingredient to success. Learn popular entrances and paths to take and exploit or avoid them, depending on the situation

What does this mean? TEAMWORK! Use your teammates, communicate, and work together to accomplish your goal. Use everyone and everything at your disposal. This is where knowing your role becomes crucial. Everyone has a job to do and a place to fill, use the tools you are given and think smart.

4. Use Your Head

Don’t Waste Vehicles

If you hop in a tank just to use it as a taxi cab, and drive it down to the enemy base and bail out, you’re only giving the enemy an advantage. Similarly, if you hop in a tank just to drive it down and barrel through the enemy gates inevitably to get blown up, you’re throwing away a valuable piece of armor. I would suggest simply staying out of a tank if you do not know what you are doing, but early on people need to learn. Just be smart, and don’t get in the middle of the enemy base. Rather, hug the perimeter and provide an over watch for your squad on a bombsite. A single tanker who knows what they are doing and someone to plant the bomb is often more than enough to take an M-COM station.


Don’t revive teammates in the heat of a gunfight. There is always that guy who feels like getting a couple of extra bonus points for healing a teammate is the single most important thing in the game. That guy is often the reason for a team’s demise. Yes, reviving teammates is important, but know the situation. If you are surrounded by enemies, don’t make it your dying wish to revive your teammate who was just killed. Bite the bullet and re-spawn at another location. It will only result in another death for your ally, and reduce the remaining tickets for your team again. Revive when it is safe, and when it isn’t, try again next time.


Being able to re-spawn on your squad mates can mean the difference in holding and losing an objective. While you are re-spawning you have the ability to scroll through your squadmates and spectate them. Watch where they are and communicate with them. See if they need help and let them know you’re available. If you and your squad work together and properly use the re-spawning, holding objectives should not be a problem. In addition to knowing when to re-spawn, if you’re last alive in your squad – and you’ll know when you are, the announcer will tell you – be sure to stay alive. If you die, everyone will be re-spawning at the base. Attacking or Defending, stay low when you hear you are last alive, and allow time for your squad mates to re-spawn on you.

5. Don’t Get Tunnel Vision

Wide Field of View

Whether you’re using a Sniper Rifle, tanking, TOW missiles, or simply using a basic primary weapon, avoid getting tunnel vision. Keep yourself moving and watching your surroundings. Unscope and scan the area, use motion sensors, switch to third-person view in the tank, or simply change location to avoid getting tunnel vision and focusing too heavily on one specific point. Maps in Bad Company 2 are huge, and there is often a lot going on. Being able to see wide across the map, and locating the ‘hot spots’ at any given time can help to your success.


While tanking, use the third-person view as much as possible. It gives you a view of your peripherals and any sneaky Recon class trying to plant C4 on your rear. It is your and your machine gunner’s responsibility to watch your back and keep the enemy away from your tank. Keep the turret on a swivel and don’t get caught up in trying to kill one guy. If you miss and he escapes, do not over pursue him. Keep your ground and acquire a new target, or simply tell your gunner to clean up the fleeing enemy. Over pursuit of a single enemy is often a mistake that can lead to your destruction. Realize there are a lot of bad guys, so if one guy gets away, it’s not the end of the world.

Choosing a vehicle upgrade to fit your play style is key. From a smoke countermeasure package, to faster reload times, to and alternate fire mode. Take an upgrade which will help you the most depending on the map and specific situation, and even role you are playing

Machine Gunners

As an MG gunner it is your job to know locations of TOW missiles and keep the enemy off of them. Pick out enemy Engineering classes and repel the Tracer darts and RPG’s as best as you can. Be sure to not overkill a single enemy or otherwise over pursue them, resulting in your MG overheating; use small sustained bursts to avoid this. Keep the wide field of view, there may be a more important threat to take care of, rather than finishing off another retreating enemy.

6. Don’t be an A-hole

Disarm Bombs

If you are standing next to an M-COM station and it’s hooting and hollering… Disarm it. Too many times I have seen tunnel-visioned Recon snipers standing mere inches from an M-COM and we lose it because they don’t take a step back to disarm. If a station is armed, it should be Priority Number One to disarm and secure the area at that point.

You don’t have a great deal of time once the bomb is armed, so stop what you are doing and go help immediately

Give the Recon space

If a teammate does chose to Snipe as a Recon man, give the guy some space. With you breathing down his neck, you are only hurting his ability to work by drawing attention his way. If he needs your help, he will tell you, but until then, leave him alone.

Don’t be Idiotic

As mentioned earlier: guns blazing through the enemy gates doesn’t work. You will die and die often. Be aggressive, but not overly aggressive. Work together with your squad mates moving forward, but not in the middle, creating a gigantic target of yourself. You are nothing more than a lost ticket when you do something stupid.

Don’t Steal

It seems silly to even mention this, but people are just downright selfish. Don’t steal your teammates vehicles, especially while they are repairing them! Too many times have we seen first hand a teammate come sprinting down towards us, only to hop in our semi-repaired tank, and break just about every rule outlined here. He drives in the enemy base, guns blazing and he, my machine gunner, and the tank are lost in about 15 seconds. Nothing more than a *facepalm*. Don’t be that guy.


You shouldn’t be a tanker if you aren’t an Engineer, but sometimes the opportunity doesn’t present itself in the most ideal situations. If you see a Tank following you around as an Engineer, and that wrench icon is flashing on your HUD, that means he wants the thing fixed. Stop, pull out your Power Drill, point it at the tank, and shoot. It will repair the tank and you get all kinds of bonus points. The same thing can be done for the UAV helicopter. If you see the UAV hovering low in your base with the wrench icon, repair it!


Use these rules as a basic mold to form your game around; they are simple steps to follow and will, without a doubt, help your team accomplish its goal. In essence, these rules tell you to be a team player, know when and how to attack, and to simply not be a pain in everyone’s behind. If you follow these rules we can assure you and your team mates will have a great time playing Bad Company 2. Hope you took notes and enjoyed this guide! See you on the Battlefield!

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