The Guide to Stealth – Bad Company 2 Edition

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  • Engineer
    Stick with your silenced weapons. Anti-tank mines are good for sabotaging enemy vehicles, and the SMG+ perk is great for killing your enemies.
  • Recon
    The Recon class has a ghillie suit, which is extremely useful. Keep a rifle handy, but you’ll probably end up relying on your pistol and knife. It’s harder to stay quiet in combat as a Recon, but you’ll find it easier to make it to the enemy base as one. Your C4 is the ultimate sabotage tool, simple drop a few blocks of the stuff on a tank or helicopter, and detonate when appropriate. The VSS and the SVU are supposed to be good, but I haven’t used either of them.

Stealth Objectives
If you’re being stealthy, you’ll have three primary objectives.

  1. Spot targets
    While you should be doing this anyway, spotting targets from a spot where the enemy won’t notice you will help keep constant pressure on the enemy. You’ll basically be providing constant surveillance on your foe. Your team will thank you for it.
  2. Acquire enemy equipment
    Sneaking into an enemy base isn’t hard, but it’s very rewarding. If you don’t want the enemy Apache, have a squad mate take it. If you have a mate up in the air, you basically get a free airdrop if he has room in his vehicle. Tanks are also useful. However, don’t get greedy. Chinese proverb: “He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.” If you’ve already taken the enemy’s helicopter, UAV, and tanks, do you really need that jeep? Keep in mind, if you start stealing enemy equipment, they’ll be on the lookout for people in their spawn. Think twice before stealing that tank.
  3. Provide a forward spawn for your squad mates
    If you’re able to provide a spawn behind the enemy, then you’re doing a good job. In order to do this, though, you have to stay alive. So maintain a low profile, you don’t need to kill every person you see. Bushes are great for hiding in, just make sure your squad mates know you’re trying to stay out of sight.

Navigating the map
You’ll want to stick to wooded areas on the outskirts of maps. Some maps are open, you’ll want lightweight on your kit for those maps. Staying crouched helps tremendously, you’re less likely to be noticed if you move slowly and keep a low profile. Watch for enemy Recons, they share the same habitat as you, though they’re most likely looking through a scope. If you come across one, consider going for a knife kill (unless he’s actually sniping, then leave him alone, he’s worthless).

Killing an enemy soldier without alerting his team
Say you’re hiding in the woods when an enemy squad starts heading your way. If you’re a Recon, you can easily hide in a bush and let them go by. However, if you’re an Engineer, you’ll be having a bit more trouble. The first thing you’ll want to do is take cover. The enemy squad is likely to be running through the woods (as opposed to walking), so they’ll be less likely to notice you if you stay low. Once you’re behind them, you’re free to pick them off one by one (if appropriate). I do NOT recommend your knife if there are multiple targets, instead, use burst fire from a silenced weapon. You’ll need to kill all four of them quickly to avoid squad spawns.

In large confrontations (both teams are at one point), you’re less likely to be noticed at all if you’re behind the enemy. They’ll be too distracted with what’s going on in front of them to notice their team mates dying. Use this to your advantage. A lot of players hide in buildings, if you catch one alone, go ahead and go for the knife kill. It’s quick and quiet, and gets you a nice dog tag.

Now, after you get your kill, you’ll most like appear on the killcam. That means you need to run like hell to another position, preferably one that can help you keep an eye on the position you were just at. They will come looking for you, so you need to be prepared. If they don’t come after you, their squad will. Changing positions helps keep you from being spotted, which in turn, keeps you alive.

The Knife
The knife is very useful, but you have to know when to use it. If you’re sneaking up behind somebody, the knife is a good choice if you lack any silenced weapons. Don’t ever try to rush a group of players with a knife though, you’ll be lucky to even get that first kill, let alone kill an entire squad. If you have to go loud, don’t be afraid to do it. You’ll already have the element of surprise, which is enough in most cases.

When you’re on a UAV, you’re a sitting duck. Whenever you use a UAV, have a team mate nearby. Don’t have him protect you, but rather have him be your temporary spawn point. That way, if you’re killed, the enemy will think you’re gone, when in reality you’re right around the corner. As the UAV, stick to spotting targets and destroying the occasional vehicle, just you like you should be doing normally.

Working with a partner greatly increases your effectiveness when it comes to stealth tactics. Not only do you have a friend to spawn on, you also have double the firepower. Here’s some very useful combinations you and a friend should consider trying out. German proverb for you: “The death of a friend is equivalent to the loss of a limb.”. If your spawn-buddy dies, your operation is pretty much blown. Just like you can’t beat off without your hand (we don’t care if you can use your foot, freak), you can’t operate without your buddy.

  • Recon/Assault
    Recon: The Recon should stick to hiding behind the enemy. You’re providing a strategic spawn point for your parter to use, thus allowing him to keep constant pressure on the enemy. Spot targets to assist him in combat. A rifle is essential in this devastating combination, but avoid shooting, as that will give away your position. Throw in motion sensors if the situation permits.
    Assault: Attack the enemy head-on, but don’t go loud until you’re far enough away from your spawn-buddy. Try to stay where your partner can see you, that way he can warn you of enemy infantry as well as spot targets for you.
  • Engineer/Recon
    Recon: Like with the Assault combo, provide a spawn for your Engineer. Maintain a low profile, but keep in mind that things are about to get loud. Mortar strikes coupled with position changes are permitted, so long as your Engineer does a good job and blowing things up. Tracer darts can be a big help, but they may give away your position.
    Engineer: Use rockets, blow shit up. Think of this combination as a relationship. Your Recon is your man, he supports you, he loves you, he needs you. You’re the hot chick. Attacking the enemy is like having sex, and you’re very loud in bed.
  • Dual Infiltration
    Getting one player into a base alone is bad enough, having two is just plain chaos. Having a partner assist you in your infiltration is not only fun, but a lot more rewarding. Sabotage everything you can with C4 and anti-tank mines, steal the helicopter, go nuts. If one of you dies, have the other take cover ASAP so you can spawn on him.

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