Assaulting An M-COM Station

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Destroying M-COM stations in the Rush game mode is the key objective of the attacking team in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and there are many ways of successfully completing your goal. Here are a few basics steps to follow to aid in your quest to eliminate the defending team’s prized possessions.

The Class
Selecting a class that is most comfortable for you is key. An Assault class is generally a solid all-around kit to run; you have the Assault Rifle of your choice to cover medium-short range, and a 40mm Grenade Launcher to clear a path when necessary. But most of the time your selection is map dependent: take an Engineer class with a Sub Machine Gun for close quarter maps, or a Medic Class with a Light Machine Gun for larger, more open maps.

The Approach
Learn popular routes to the enemy base; some are more popular than others, so try to avoid those. You want to stay out of the limelight as much as possible, so being sneaky and hiding in the trees is your best bet. Find a solid route to the bomb that works for you and use it whenever you can. It might involve a very round-about way through the enemy base, but if it keeps you hidden for longer it is a good thing.

The Technique
When going in for the plant, be sure to check the immediate vicinity for hiding enemies. It might be beneficial (if the area seems too quiet) to check a surrounding building or an attic for an enemy Recon sniper. It becomes extremely important to listen for the enemy at this point. You are likely deep behind enemy lines, and any advantage you can gain is a good one. Listen for gunfire sounding nearby and if possible, get a friendly Recon class to drop a few motion sensors in the area. It will open up the area and confirm if the area is in fact clear for an arming of the M-COM station.

The Defense
Once the bomb is armed, take advantage of the tools in your loadout. If you select a Recon class, be sure to leave C4 at the site and blow it when the enemy tries to disarm – keeping yourself hidden. Engineer and Assault classes can also cover the M-COM station with high explosives from their RPGs and Grenade Launchers. A well placed Mortar Strike can keep the enemy at bay and clinch the station for the attackers.

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