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Things that go boom! And how to make them even Boomier!“Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is not to be around when they go off.
-Colonel Mertz von Quirnheim”
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One of the biggest new additions to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a fully destructive environment. Everything from the shoddiest wooden fence to the stoutest of buildings can be blown apart, broken, and collapsed by using the right kind of explosives. Will this tip teach you exactly how to do that? No. Sorry. What it is going to do is give you a snapshot, not of every explosive weapon in the game, but a couple of its most notorious ones, and explain what the explosive damage upgrade does to make them more effective.

Frag grenade

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Ahhh, the great persuader! The everyman infantryman’s own personal artillery piece. This is the one explosive device that every player in the game is in possession of no matter what. Thus, we’ll cover it first.

  • Kill radius: 1.5m doing 110 damage at the apex of the explosion.
  • Damage radius: 8m
  • Max damage to vehicles: 33
  • Fuse: 3.0s

Pretty simple, right? Now what if you throw the explosive upgrade into the equation? That changes things somewhat, by adding +25% damage. Now lets take a look.

  • Kill Radius: Over 2m, doing 137.5 damage at the apex of the explosion.
  • Damage Radius: Over 10m
  • Max damage to vehicles: 42.25

So, as you can see, the lethality of the little ole’ hand grenade goes up considerably. Not even players wearing body armor can survive! Now lets do one more just to make sure everybody gets it.

RPG-7 Grenade Launcher

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The first anti-tank weapon available to the Engineer class, it is arguably one of the best and most used anti-armor solutions in the game. So lets look at its base damage numbers.

  • Infantry Kill radius: 2.0m, doing an even 100 damage at the center of the explosion.
  • Max vehicle damage: 720. An Abrams tank at full armor starts with 1250 hit points.

Those are the two most crucial stats for this weapon, so now lets look at how its affected with the explosive upgrade. I won’t bore you with another list of numbers, but the most important stat is that its max damage against vehicles goes up considerably to 900 points. This means even a main battle tank can be two-shotted to death from behind, or on the sides. It will do 450 points of damage to helicopters. Helos all start with 500 health, so if it has sustained even slight damage from small-arms fire, your RPG will provide a fiery end to its rampage.

As you can see, the math is quite simple, just take whatever damage figure you have, taking any multipliers into account, and multiply it by a further 1.25 to work out how much damage you are going to do with the explosive upgrade. This upgrade is not to be taken lightly, it increases the damage of every explosive weapon in the game including land mines and mortar strikes. It can mean the difference between taking out a vehicle capping your flag, or getting chopped down by a coaxial MG while frantically trying to stuff another rocket into your RPG tube.

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