Defending An M-COM Station

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Protecting M-COM stations in the Rush game mode is the key objective of the defending team in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and there are many ways of successfully doing so. Here are a few basic steps to follow to aid you in your goal of shielding these valuable assets from the Attackers.

The Class
Class choice is key for defenders. Sticking to a more specialized or extreme distance is often more valuable than if you try to be a one man show. Take a shotgun and keep very close to the M-COM station, eliminating the enemy as they come in to arm the bomb, or take a sniper rifle while staying back, picking off the enemy one by one at extreme ranges. Choosing a class that is most comfortable for you should be priority number one, but try to find your niche and embrace it if at all possible.

The Prevention
Do not be roaming around too far outside of your base. You need to be close enough to the M-COM stations so that in the case your base is assaulted heavily you can respond quickly. Depending on your own confidence level and your ability to hold ground, venturing outside of your base is possible and can be beneficial in repelling the enemy back to their own base, but try not to stick your head out for too long. Get dug in well and have plenty of cover. Have an emergency escape route in case you are overrun by enemy armor or sniper fire. Fill in the gaps when necessary, if you need getting killed as a Medic over and over by the same Tank, maybe it is time to switch to an Engineer class to destroy the armor piece.

The Round-Up
When you feel the enemy Attackers are making a heavy push on your base and the M-COM stations, try to coral them into the center. Make sure to spot as many as you can and prioritize the threats, eliminating them in order from the most dangerous to the least. This is always dependant on the situation, but generally speaking, Recon guys can be considered the lowest threat, then Engineers, followed by Medics and Assault classes. But again, depending on the scenario, your team may have several armor pieces and an enemy Engineer is sending RPG fire their way, while the Recon class is closing in for a C4 plant; in that case take out the Recon and Engineer first. Communicate with your squad and get them to help as much as possible.

The Rebuttal
In the inevitable case the bomb is armed, drop what you are doing and go for the defuse. Obviously, continue to round-up the enemy but move quickly towards the station under control. Learn popular hiding spots in the vicinity of the station and check those for enemies trying to clutch. Communication is key at this point. Let your squad mates know when an area is clear, or where there is a large cluster of enemies. Have one teammate go for the disarm if it is clear, otherwise cut your losses and lock down the remaining M-COM. It is better to simply lose one than over pursue a single station and have the enemy plant right under your nose on the next one.

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