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In Battlefield: Bad Company 2 there are perhaps few things more annoying than the Medic support class and for many there is nothing more frustrating than a competent medic.

Why kill the Medic first?
There are several reasons as to why the Medic should always be killed first in squad combat.

  1. They revive people.
  2. They heal people.
  3. They revive people!

Some of the more observant among you may have noticed that Medics reviving people has been placed in my fantastic list twice. That’s because it’s really annoying. Here’s an example; a squad of four strolls straight past you whilst you’re on your own so what do you do? You engage the enemy, killing two or three before being gunned down by one of their number. However, for whatever reason you didn’t kill that medic! All your hard work has been undone as one by one that cursed Medic zaps his squad members with his magic paddles.

Many medics will try to revive friendly forces even if they will die in the process, leaving the freshly revived person in danger. Don’t revive until it’s relatively safe or if the person is on your squad tell them to get ready to sprint to safety.

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What to do?
In circumstances where you are attacked by an enemy squad or have the ability to ambush an enemy squad try to actively target Medic first. Even if you are killed during the ambush, anyone else you kill after the medic will stay down. In the heat of combat it is not easy for an enemy to swap kits and take on the medic role.

If you don’t think you will win in a fire-fight against an enemy for whatever reason, spot the enemy and try call for reinforcements before engaging. Hell, you should spot them as much as possible anyway!

Hints and tricks

  • Medics are easy to spot mainly because of their backpack, so if you see a group of people look for the backpack! Russian medics also have a silly red beret, just begging for a headshot.
  • You can hear when the Medic has the paddles out because of the humming noise, attack then because he doesnt have his weapon out! However if you hear a zap it means one of his squad mates is alive again. So watch out!
  • LMGs have a long reload time, so if you think he is reloading this is the time to attack also! However this is not the simplest thing to judge.

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How does this achieve anything?
Killing enemy medics first achieves several positive things for your team.

  1. With the medic having to respawn or run back from their base, the opposing team does not have the ability to revive team mates without swapping kits, which in the heat of battle should hopefully leave them vulnerable.
  2. Enemies that take damage will take longer to heal, meaning that enemies will be placed at further disadvantage, allowing you to easily defend the point or push towards an M-COM station.
  3. Dropping the medic means all respawns for the attacking team cost them tickets.
  4. Who doesn’t enjoy killing people?

Overall, killing the Medic first is in most circumstances a wise choice, as it helps to eliminate the possibility of the enemies being revived, which just make your efforts and possible death pointless.

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