Land Mines

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Anti-tank land mines are similar to C4 as a passive and indirect counter to ground vehicles. Both deal high amounts of damage and have a very short throwing range; however, the two are employed very differently. While C4 is detonated remotely, AT mines only detonate through three means: contact with a vehicle, small arms fire, or explosions.

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Many mines are placed in a clustered fashion with tight groupings. This is not the best way to plant mines, unless you’re trying to send that BMP to the moon.

It only takes one mine to destroy any light vehicle (ATVs or jeeps), whereas tanks and APCs require two mines. Planting two mines next to each other may guarantee an instant tank/APC kill, but your minefield will be wasting an additional mine for each light vehicle it claims. Only cluster two mines if you know a heavy vehicle is coming. Consider the following when planting mines in the future:

First, consider the direction the vehicle(s) will come from. Plant the mines diagonally and keep them spaced enough so the when one mine is detonated, the neighboring mine won’t be set off, too.

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Secondly, spread your mines in a diagonal fashion to ensure that light vehicles and infantry do not clear your mine field too quickly. Heavier vehicles will be forced to retreat when they reach the first mine, allowing your team to ambush tank; or in the other scenario, the wounded tank decides to push further into your mine field and is destroyed in the process.

Mine fields are best placed on your flanks along open areas and corners where vehicles will likely pass. Spreading the mines ensures that flanking vehicles cannot avoid or destroy mines easily and prevents effective flanks.

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