Playing Defensively On Offense

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Playing Offense on a game of Rush can pose a problem when facing a Defending team of experienced players, and if you and your team is ill-prepared, the Defense will often be able to hold strong and repel any and all of the attacks you throw at them. When you think about Attacking, there are two defined methods: attack hard and strong, right at their front, or be meticulous and “defensive” while attacking. There are plenty of other ways to go about attacking the M-COM stations, but being “defensively offensive” is a technique that is often used, but never executed correctly. This tip will outline several steps to go about acting passively while at the same time being aggressive enough to attack.

Initial Push

Being defensive on offense doesn’t mean you sit back with a Sniper Rifle in your initial spawn. You need to be close enough to the enemy base to lay suppressive fire, usually with an Assault Rifle or Light Machine Gun. Your first priority should be gaining a well fortified advantageous position on the enemy base to provide a forward spawn for the rest of your squad. Secure the area well to insure you can sustain this position by yourself while the rest of your squad presses further into the enemy base. Spotting and being a communicator to your squad mates is key to their survival. Your job here is to completely lock down a very specific chokepoint and allow no one in that area to get to your squad mates.

Watch the Flanks

After a short while your location will become obvious to the enemy team, and they will try to get to your flank. You need to be cautious, and when you suspect an enemy approaching your flank, call upon your squad mates for assistance. Have them briefly fall back and catch the enemy from behind. If this is not an option, improvise. Use anything at your disposal to eliminate this threat. Just stay alive at all costs. Remember, you are the forward spawn and the rest of your squad mates need you to be their respawn. In the case you are killed, communicate this to the rest of your squad. Tell them to stay alive so you can respawn on them so the cycle can continue.


Your goals as a defensive-minded attacker is to secure and hold positions, but there always comes a time to switch gears and go out guns blazing; don’t be stubborn. The rest of your squad may be hanging by a thread and needs a little extra firepower. If the bomb is armed and your squad mates are down, jump out of your hole and take one for the team, make sure that M-COM stays armed. After your initial charge on the M-COM occurs you have two options: continue your push forward and create a new flank for your squad or pull back to your initial post.

New Flank
Depending on the map, creating a new alley for attack can be extremely important, and if you and your squad were successful in eliminating an M-COM, attacking from their weak side is usually the best approach. Before getting too deep into the enemy base make sure you have a set location to set up and secure so you can continue your self-preservation techniques.

Initial Post
On smaller maps or more confined M-COM station locations, pressing forward can sometimes lead to your entire squad to being cut down by automatic machine gun fire, so retreating might be your best and only option. That’s okay when you consider you are continuing to stay alive as a forward spawn for your team. After falling back, regroup with your squad and make a new attack. It’s usually best at this point to find a new defensive position, but not deep in the enemy base as a flank.

Falling Back

There is no shame in retreat, especially when it saves your life and strengthens your team’s defenses elsewhere. Excess aggression on the Attacker side is understandable, but as a defenseman, dying excessively in cases where it could have and should have been avoided is simply unacceptable. When you feel the walls of the Defenders closing in, quickly escape to a new defensive position, setting up similarly to how you would if you were to advance. Find a new flank to cover or simply retreat back to the remaining less guarded M-COM and fend off enemies from there. Simply taking pot shots at spotted enemies will often be enough to make the enemy think twice before bumrushing the M-COM, so don’t be shy.

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