Playing Offensively on Defense

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Playing Defense on a game of Rush can be tricky, and if you and your team aren’t prepared the Attackers will often be able to overrun your defenses with ease. When you think about defending there are two definite methods: Sit back and wait, or rush at them and counter-attack. There are plenty of other ways to go about defending your M-COM stations, but being “aggressively defensive” is a technique that is often used, but never exactly used correctly. This tip will outline several steps to go about acting offensively on defensive.

Set a Perimeter

You first need to have a set area for you and your squad to work within. You simply cannot occupy the entire map, so focusing your attention on a specific area and working within that perimeter is a crucial step to success. Wondering too far out of a comfortable spot will leave you vulnerable; it’s best to be confined to a small area but have an escape plan if you are overrun.


The most useful tactic for aggressive defense is flanking, or even counter-flanking. Often the Attackers will try to flank your defense to get into position to attack the M-COM station, so putting yourself on the very outskirts of the map and waiting in ambush is a great way to keep the patient defenders safe. By doing this you are counter-flanking the flanking Attackers, keeping the enemy respawns back in their base and eliminating being overrun near the M-COM.

  • As a Unit
    Flanking can be done as a squad with each member watching a sector, which is front left right and rear. Keep spaced out enough such that one grenade will not wipe out all four of you, but tight enough that together you can act cohesively as one. Working in sync with each other can make a flanking squad nearly untouchable. Be sure to have at least one Medic in the squad to keep everyone healthy. This approach can usually lead to even more aggressive play, because there is power in numbers. Wreaking havoc is the name of the game with this style, go out guns blazing and take no prisoners.
  • Lone Wolf
    Probably the biggest flaw to aggressive defense is player’s going lone wolf with no real intent or purpose. This is much more of a guerrilla style of play. You need to be focused on a “hit and run” type of game, and not being afraid of moving around quickly. A fatal flaw for most lone wolf players is camping in one spot for too long; these players usually end up dying from enemies coming back for revenge. Get a kill or two and move on, keep the enemy inside your flank, but still have an idea of your perimeter and keep it secure. This approach is slightly less aggressive than that of the Unit, merely because you need to also be focused on self-preservation. The more time you spend dead, the more time the enemy has to inch closer to the M-COM. Stay alive at all costs, even if it means running away with your tail between your legs.

Think Smart

There usually comes a time when you need to break your initial perimeter. This is often the result of one or two things: Either the enemy has broken completely though and is on the verge of destroying the M-COM stations, or your flanking has done such a superb job at repelling the enemy they have all been pushed back to their base. Know when to advance and when to retreat.

  • Pressing Forward
    When the enemy Attacker’s are on the ropes and have their tickets draining, this is the time to hit them where it hurts. Push forward, continuing to choke them out before they can even come close to your base by spawn trapping. This is usually only successful with a strong supporting cast and a couple of Medics; otherwise, enemies pouring out from their spawn will quickly overrun you. Find a good position and lay down heavy fire as the Attackers try to mount their final stand.
  • Falling Back
    If you feel the defense behind you weakening, it is time to retreat. Take up a more fortified position near the M-COM until you have more teammates around to secure the area. Priority number one should always be to protect the M-COM, even if it means giving up your flank for the short term. If you see enemy armor rolling in, that usually is a good indication your defenses will become softened until the armor can be destroyed. Fall back as the armor passes you, and if equipped properly, sneak up behind for a quick destroy!

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