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In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the Engineer class is provided with a repair tool to fix your teammate’s vehicles. However, it does provide other useful functions.

Information about the Repair Tool.

The repair tool ‘fires’ at a rate of one shot every 0.066 seconds, and deals 6.5 health to allied vehicles and -6.5 health to enemy vehicles. Against infantry, it deals 19.5 damage every shot. The repair tool takes 5.676 seconds to overheat and another 5 seconds to cool. Below is a list of how long it takes to repair and destroy vehicles.

  • Heavy vehicles (M3A3 Bradley, BMD-3 Bakhcha and BMD-3 Anti Air, M1A1 Abrams, T90 MBT) = 12.69 seconds of straight grinding to repair/dismantle. It becomes 22.69 seconds.
  • Light Vehicles (COBRA, HMMWV, VODNIK) = 5.07 seconds of straight grinding, although the drill will have to cool down once, making the actual time 10.07 seconds.
  • Helicopters (AH-64 Apache, MI-28 Havok, UH-60 Blackhawk, MI-24 Hind) = 5.07 seconds of straight grinding, although the drill will have to cool once, making the actual time 10.07 seconds.
  • Patrol Boat = 5.07 of straight grinding, making the actual total 10.07 seconds of grinding.
  • Jet Ski, Quad Bike = 2.54 seconds of grinding of fully remove or heal the health.
  • UAV = 0.50 seconds, almost instantaneous!
    Trucks, PT Boats, and Helicopters
    It’s worth to know that the total needed is at 5.7 seconds, while the repair drill overheats at 5.676. You will end up at 99.9% health, and it is not advisable to wait the extra 5 seconds to repair the .1% health remaining.

Understanding when to use the Repair Tool

This is fairly straight forward and should be common sense to most. If the vehicle is low on health, FIX IT! However, if you have an enemy in the general vicinity it is wiser to either ditch your ride and try to kill the enemy, try to escape with the vehicle, or just run away on foot. If you know the enemy is an engineer I recommend leaving the vehicle. Make sure you destroy the vehicle before the enemy can steal it.

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As an Engineer, you have several options when engaging enemy armor.

  • Try and use the tool from the beginning to destroy the vehicle.
  • Engaging the armor with rockets.
  • Depending on the type of vehicle, damage the armor with rockets and then finish it off with the Repair tool.

For trucks and boats, the rocket launcher is your best bet.However, if you are trying to conserve ammo, sneaking up on a stationary truck/boat with the repair tool will suffice. For tanks, try to land one or two hits with the RPG or AT4 before going in with the repair tool. If you run out of rockets, or if you think the tank crew knows where you are, going close quarters with the repair tool is recommended as they will not be able to target you at such close range.

Beware of enemies exiting the vehicle and trying to kill you.
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Important Things to Remember

Let this serve as a reminder to anyone who may have forgotten. Whilst killing people may be a benefical to the success, along with destroying and capturing stations, it is still important to understand that the Engineer class is made for using and removing vehicles. If you plan to use a tank after you die, spawn as an engineer so you can fix your own vehicle as needed. If you’re an engineer focusing on destroying enemy armor, don’t forgot to fix your own teammate’s armor; the support provided by them is particularly useful. Also, the repair tool serves as a great melee weapons because of the ability to spam. In addition, it kills an enemy in a rather efficient 0.33 seconds.

If you see a UAV floating next to your head! Don’t ignore it like a jerk! Fix the damn thing! The UAV pilot cannot get out of his station and repair it himself.
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Overall, the repair tool is extremely handy in many circumstances, whether it is because you’re out of ammunition or you need to help your team. This piece of equipment packs a punch against people and vehicles alike, and brings much more to the table when used cleverly.

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