Squad Combat

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In Bad Company 2, DICE have included squad mechanics as a very important aspect of maximizing the success of yourself and your team. The squad feature gives you distinct advantages of over people trying to win the game single-handedly. It allows you to be able to spawn next to your squad mates in the heat of battle, as well as allowing you to carry out your mission much more effectively in general. This Tip of the Week will focus on the ways you can maximize your combat effectiveness by utilizing the perks of the squad system.

Squad Bonuses

  • Spawning
    In the respawn menu, clicking on your squad mates allows you to spawn right next to them. You can take advantage of this because there is no limit to how many times you can switch squads. Therefore if you want to get into the action fast and none of your squad mates are alive just switch to another squad with members in the thick of the action.
  • Setting Objectives
    You can set squad objectives, such as an M-COM, by aiming at it and pressing Q. You can also ask for rides, health or ammo in similar fashion – if you need health, aim at a friendly medic and push Q.
  • Added Points
    Anything that normally gives you points, will give you even more points when done with a squad. Kill assists become 20 points instead of 10, repair becomes 30 instead of 20, healing becomes 20 instead of 10, squad revives become 80 instead of 50… Not only does using the squad increase your points, but there are also various squad badges to be earnt.
Dude where’s my tank?
A squad working together in a tank can be a very effective tool, but in most cases someone has to be left out. While two people are in the tank you should have an engineer behind the tank in relative safety repairing it when necessary. A Medic in the machine gun position can shoot infantry and spot, and when needed can heal the Engineer. Of course, you have the tank driver, who also controls the main cannon. A squad vehicle can be very hard to stop.

So you’ve found some friends and you’ve joined a squad together. Now what?

  • Assault
    Your primary job is to kill people. You need to protect the Medic and Engineer because they are specialized classes and have a unique role. Your job is the keep the squad’s ammo level up.

    IPB Image
  • Medic
    Your primary job is to do the exact opposite of the Assault, you are supposed to heal people, but you also pack a heavy punch when it comes to anti-infantry needs. You’re great for suppressive fire, and you keep your team alive and well. One Medic can keep a squad going for a long time, and the best thing you can do is to keep yourself and your team mates alive.

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  • Engineer
    Your primary job is to repair and kill tanks. You aren’t capable of taking on swarms of enemies, but you can pop up and destroy a tank, which none of your team mates can do as easily. You also keep the vehicles in good repair, which greatly increases their lifetime.
  • Sniper
    You are not a team player, so just sit back and call in a mortar strike every now and then. While that sounds quite sarcastic, it does serve a purposeprovided you use your vantage point to constantly spot enemies in the vicinity of your advancing team mates. If you want to get up close and personal, you can do the same job with your proximity sensor balls, blasting around with a shotgun and using C4 to great effect in destroying objectives.

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Overall, the squad system is a great way to increase the enjoyment of the game if you are playing with some friends, or if you are playing competitively. Using the ideas in this TotW, you should be able to increase your effectiveness considerably.

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