Squad Deathmatch

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Squad Deathmatch is a mode in Bad Company 2 where four squads of four players each try to be the first to fifty kills. The mode was recently unlocked on the consoles for all to enjoy, so let’s have a look at some tactics to keep in mind as you play.

Your Squad
One of the most important advantages you can have in Squad Deathmatch is to have a communicating squad. Players should be spotting frequently and using voice comms to describe enemy locations and plans of action. This becomes most important when you’re trying to achieve a specific objective, such as destroying the APC or taking a house.

Another important attribute to seek in your squad is balance. This extends further than having different classes with different guns — it’s the gadgets that really set classes apart, and you should take advantage of them. That means if you’re a Recon, you should be laying down motion sensors at every opportunity. If you’re a Medic or an Assault, throw down a health/ammo box when you arrive in a new area. If you’re an Engineer and your squad has control of the vehicle, be ready to hop out and repair it. Every class has an important role to play in Squad Deathmatch, and you should keep them in mind as you play.

Keep Together, Keep Moving
Keeping together is the easiest way to win in Squad Deathmatch. Your squad should try to dominate the small area around you, using houses and hills to identify enemies and dispatch them as quickly as possible. As long as you keep together, you should stay informed, healthy, and well armed, and that gives you the best possible chance to win.

If you just set up shop at a favored position though, your opponents will eventually learn that position and then destroy or ignore you. Therefore, it’s best to shift position often. A good signal for you to shift is if you’ve killed the same person from the same position twice. At this stage, he’ll know where you are and come to kill you, or just give up the fight and ignore you. Either way, he’s no good to you, and it’d be best to move on.

Bradley APC: Use, Destroy, Ignore?
Controlling the Bradley is also an important part of Squad Deathmatch, as a well-protected APC can rack up the kills in short order. When you’re in the Bradley, try to keep it moving and away from places where anti-tank infantry can hide.

As vehicle perks stack, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and have each squad member take a different perk. Good ones to take include vehicle sensors (which are great on these small maps), armor, and increased rate of fire for the driver.

As the initial spawn is random, you’ll frequently be fighting against the APC rather than from it, so it’s important for your squad to be armed with the appropriate tools. A Recon or Assault’s C4 is usually the best solution, but clever opponents will keep themselves at arm’s length in barren areas to prevent this. In this situation, a Mortar Strike or Rocket Launcher is the best tool to use.

Another viable tactic is simply ignoring the APC, and instead focusing on the infantry that will surely be converging on it — there’s nothing like taking out a Recon running for the Bradley or an Engineer squinting as he aims his rocket at a faraway tank.

Squad Deathmatch is a great addition to the Battlefield formula, and one that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

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