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In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, each of the four classes has its specialities and its shortcomings. For example, the Medic class’ Achilles heel is facing tanks, as his only weapon against them is a puny grenade. So this Tip of the Week aims to install you with some common sense; knowing when to change class.

Why swap?

Some of you may consider yourself elitists deciding you’re only ever going to play one class, for example recon! Well, here’s a word from me to you. DON’T! EVER! Being versatile is perhaps one of the greatest abilities to have in any game. Swapping classes allows you adapt to the situation and means that nothing should stand in your way once you get used to swapping.

If you’re reluctant to change class because of a class’ particular weapon type, there is a variety of weapons available for all classes to equip themselves with.
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When to swap?

As many of you may realise there are many reasons to swap class, or to swap a weapon, gadget or specialisation within your current class. However there are things to consider briefly before changing in your respawn kit selection screen. Here are some things you may want to consider before swapping anything out:

  • How many people are there playing the same class as me?
  • Are the people in the same class as me any good?
  • What needs to be done? Is the enemy team or my team using tanks?
  • Is there a medic on the squad? If yes, is he competent?

Observation is vital, check what needs doing on the battlefield and ask for your squad’s opinion. Learning and figuring when to change your class may take time, so if you guess wrong don’t feel bad. Just keep trying!

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Situations will arise when you need to desperately swap class to save the day. Many of you will contemplate suicide to change, however in most cases suicide is not the answer! Picking up someone else’s kit is a strong option – you might not necessarily get exactly what you want but it’s worth trying. This adds even further versatility to your play style. Just make sure the kit you pick up has what you need, or you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place. If not, you can swap back to your own kit, now on the ground. Be aware that by swapping kits you may find a class that has low ammo for gadgets and weapons. So, if there is also an assault kit lying spare, use that to drop some ammo to resupply.

You can use this to pick up a friendly medic kit to revive him. He’ll spawn with your old kit.

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The fruits of victory!

If you begin to change classes when needed you should hopefully notice an increase in several things; points earned per round, also in skills as you will now be mixing it up and trying different things. But perhaps most importantly your ability to now change classes when needed will help you and your squad win more! Yay!

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