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This tip of the week is going to cover something that is near and dear to a lot of gamers’ hearts: experience points! Well, not just that. If you are a completion junkie like me, and lose sleep and beat kittens until you’ve unlocked and achieved every little bit of the game, then this tip of the week just might help you out. There are several pins and gamer achievements that, on the surface, are a little confusing and tough to get. I picked 5 that I had a tough time with, and wrote up a little explanation that might help players get them without as much hair pulling and frustration. Now, bear in mind, these methods aren’t the only ways to go about getting these pins. Only your imagination (and the Frostbite engine) will limit how you score these pins and achievements.

Chopper Road Kill Achievement

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This is a gamer achievement that gives many players fits, when in reality, it’s quite simple in concept, if not in execution. Your best bet for completing this is using the UAV. The reasons for this are threefold. The first is availability. It is not difficult to grab a UAV, whereas Hinds, Apaches and Blackhawks are often highly contested and you’ll have a much more difficult time securing one. The second is impact on your team. Yes, a UAV can be very helpful, but a well-flown Apache or Hind can have a much more devastating impact on your enemy. Leave them for the players trying to kill people. The third reason is ease of execution. The UAV is small, harder to spot, and much more nimble.

Now, as for actually completing this, it’s fairly simple. The objective is to drive into your enemy and chop him into itty bitty pieces with your rotors. Good opportunities for this are often snipers on rooftops. Going after these wookies offers you lower exposure since you’re not on the street, and the snipers are often looking down scopes, so there is less chance that they will see you. Two maps to look for this on are Port Valdez and Arica Harbour. Both of them have many buildings that snipers frequent. On Arica Harbour, enemies manning heavy machine guns or stationary AT weapons make prime targets as well. Just flank around them, using terrain for cover, pop up, barrel full speed right into their backside and watch the chunks fly! You may get killed, but you’ll have your achievement and you can go back to helping your teammates out.

Destruction 2.0 Achievement

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This is a gamer achievement. To earn it, you need to kill 20enemies by bringing down the structure they are in on top of their heads. This is much easier said than done. This can be done using several different mediums of destruction:

  • Heavy Vehicle main guns
  • Mortar Strikes
  • C4 Explosive
  • 40mm Grenades
  • Apache or Hind Rockets

Now, it all depends on your play style which of these you will go about using. Arguably the most effective is C4, but this presents the main problem of actually having to enter an enemy occupied building and plant C4 in the right places (which can be tricky) and get out before your enemy either kills you, or catches on to what you’re doing and jumps ship. The easiest method offering the most standoff with the best chance of success is probably the mortar strike, or the main guns of the T-90 or M1 Abrams tanks. Using these you can bombard buildings from afar, and more than likely an unfortunate enemy will be inside when it comes down. This is especially true for buildings housing an M-COM station. Not only will you get the kills, but you’ll also destroy the objective.

Buildings can also be collapsed by 40mm grenade spam (and even hand grenades), but this is hard to do, and a building must be on the verge of destruction for this to work, not making it a viable or reliable method to go about completing this task. This can be a frustrating achievement, and requires some degree of luck, but if you actively attempt to target buildings with enemies inside, not necessarily the enemy, but key structural points of the buildings themselves, you have a fair chance of success. Just remember your teammates will also be killed, so bear in mind that in the path to completing this, you just may bring down buildings on teammates as well.

Naval Warfare Pin

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This is one that’s a little frustrating for a lot of players. It requires you to get four kills while on a naval vessel in one match. A naval vessel is a patrol boat or a personal water craft (jet ski). These are tough primarily because they are very exposed and prime targets for Carl Gustavs, RPGs, and snipers, but I’ve found one method that works fairly well. All this requires is that you kill people while you are on the vessel. You don’t have to use the mounted guns! On maps such as Laguna Presa, you can just hop on a patrol boat or a jetski, and switch to the back of the jet ski, or the passenger spot on the patrol boat. Using a sniper rifle or a shotgun with slugs, just pick 4 people off! That’ll give you your achievement. Another map to do this on is Isla Innocentes. When attacking, hop on a PWC and speed to the back of the first island. Face the PWC away from the island, and hop on the back. You’ll be able to get some potshots on snipers and enemies manning the heavy MG on the back of the island. You may not get 4 at the same time, but a couple of attempts should yield good results. You really will be a sitting duck though, so have patience.

Other than that, just use your imagination on any map that features water craft, and this pin is surprisingly easy to get. Getting 4 kills won’t take long, and then you can resume your regular play style and help your team achieve victory!

Car Warfare Pin

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This pin is often tough to get for some players; it’s not something that most players will achieve in the normal game play, because cars are very seldom used as gun platforms in Bad Company 2. They are much more often used as pure transports, with the mounted machine guns on top often forgotten. So, lets look at your vehicle options for car kills in Bad Company 2.

  • HMMWV – The HMMWV can be found on several maps, but most notably on Arica harbour. On this map, to get the three kills necessary for this pin, you can take a HMMWV and drive it to either side of the main road. You can use other vehicles or terrain for cover and move up fairly close to the enemy base. From here you can use your MG to cover the armor advancing from your spawn against those pesky enemy engineers, and pick off snipers running for the rocky hill that is so popular on the far side of the map. MGs also make short work of enemies in guard towers. If you are in a good covered position, it is conceivable that you can get this achievement in one try.
    Fun Fact: HMMWV Stands for High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle.
  • Vodnik – The Vodnik is the Russian equivalent to the HMMVW. It is most noticeable in Port Valdez at the third attacker spawn (when the defenders get access to the Apache). It can be used here in much the same way as the HMMWV on Arica Harbour. You have to be very careful here though because of the Apache and fixed AT weapons. If there isn’t a juicer target, like a tank or an AA gun, you may very well find yourself at the business end of a TOW missile or a burst of FFAR rockets. Use the mounted MG to go for snipers or especially enemy players on mounted weapons. It may take a couple of attempts, but you should be able to get three kills relatively easily.
  • Quad Bike – This is your last option for car kills. You have the option of using it in the same way as the PWC, which I talked about above, getting kills while sitting on the back seat of a stationary (or moving for that matter!) quad bike. An easier option will be getting road kills, which I’ll discuss in more detail in the next Pin!

Wheels of Hazard Pin

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For this one, you need to run over three enemies with a vehicle. The premise for this pin is very simple. Get in a vehicle. Find a bad guy. Turn him into red squishy goo under your wheels. There’s only one leeetle problem. Most bad guys will make a very concerted effort to NOT get run over. Trying to get this pin is best attempted on vehicle heavy maps like Port Valdez as attackers, or Arica Harbor. While it is possible to get road kills in heavy armor like T-90s or Abrams, their slow movement speed can make it tough. I’d recommend using either a quad bike, a HMMWV, or a Vodnik. Their fast movement speed can make it easier to run down bad guys before they can duck behind cover. The main downside of these vehicle is that you are vulnerable to small arms fire, particularly on the quad bike. However, both of these maps offer wide roads that enemies frequent, giving you ample opportunities to catch them in the open and turn them into roadkill.

As for actual strategies, try to catch enemies in the open where they don’t have cover immediately available. One place to try this is on Port Valdez on the first and third set of M-COMs, where the defenders get access to an Apache. These offer you quad bikes and a vodnik respectively with which to get your road kills. Use the environment to your advantage – in both of these areas, enemies like to sneak around the edges of cliffs and concrete barriers. This will give you the opportunity to trap them against these barriers and leave them no avenue of retreat. It may take you several tries, and your kill:death ratio may suffer a bit, but if you are persistent you should be able to get your road kills fairly easily.

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