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Hardline Launched-What are your opinions?

So, yesterday Hardline launched. The game looks nice, feels nice, but it’s not a real military Battlefield. Is the cops and criminals style for you? Since the beta, I felt that this game will be good. I mean, finally, my…
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Hardline Deluxe pre-orders confirmed to get exclusive weapons

Battlefield confirmed today in response to a question on Twitter that the weapons offered as bonuses for the Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order  are exclusive only to that pre-ordered version and cannot be obtained in-game by normal means. Per the Battlefield…
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Class Balance in Battlefield Hardline

During the beta for Battlefield Hardline, a number of players complained of it using a class setup similar to that of Battlefield 4, which many players dislike. Most notable among the criticisms is that assault class, made for being front-line…
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