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Battlefield Hardline launch trailer (video)

Battlefield has released the official launch trailer for Hardline, with a exciting and seizure-inducing mix of multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay and cutscenes. Check it out below. Battlefield Hardline releases March 17 in the US and March 19 in Europe.

Dino masks and Rescue mode (video)

Battlefield Hardline appears to be offering dino masks (police) and wolf masks (criminals) to “elite” players in-game. As yet, it is unclear what “elite” means, though many believe this to be reaching max rank. The masks take a gadget slot…
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DRMB Interview with Thad Sasser (video)

Don’t Revive Me Bro (DRMB) streamed a podcast last night in which they interviewed Visceral Games’s Lead MP Designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thad Sasser. This is an excellent opportunity to hear more on the development process of Hardline and the…
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Hardline Beta – Recoil changes from BF4 (video)

Fans of the Battlefield series who have spent any significant time in Battlefield 4 will note some big changes when trying out the Hardline beta this week. One such change is that weapon recoil has been increased from what it…
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Hardline Beta – All You Need to Know (video)

JackFrags put up a video today in which he talks for approximately 20 minutes about various items regarding Battlefield Hardline. So, if you have not yet had a chance to play, or found you had questions you just could not…
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Hardline Open Beta begins February 3 (Video)

Battlefield announced today that the open beta for Battlefield Hardline will run from February 3 through February 8, 2014. The beta is open to anyone wishing to play, so no registration will be necessary. The beta is playable on PC…
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Hardline Singleplayer Gameplay Footage from Jackfrags

Below is some singleplayer footage for Battlefield Hardline with commentary from Jackfrags. This footage was obtained during a visit to Visceral studios in which he and others got to see and play some Hardline and provide feedback on its progression….
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Hotwire Multiplayer Trailer

Battlefield released a trailer for the multiplayer game mode new to Hardline, called Hotwire. This game mode involves criminals working to steal marked cars, while the cops work to recover the stolen vehicles. The Hotwire game mode promises to give…
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Jack Frags interview with Lead Multiplayer Designer of Hardline

Battlefield YouTube personality JackFrags caught Battlefield Hardline‘s lead multiplayer designer Thadeus Sasser at Gamescom 2014 to talk about some of the tweaks and improvements Visceral’s multiplayer design team has made since the last beta. The game has been delayed until…
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Two new game modes revealed: Rescue and Hotwire

EA wrapped up their Gamescom 2014 conference by discussing Battlefield Hardline. The presentation included significant focus on the delayed game’s singleplayer story mode, and confirmation that Hardline will be getting another beta before release. Multiplayer was also discussed during the…
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