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Is Hardline Stable?

It is well-known now that BF4 had a rocky launch in 2013, and the game only started properly working in the eyes of many in May 2014, leaving less than a year until the next Battlefield game known to EA as “Project…
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Battlefield Hardline launch trailer (video)

Battlefield has released the official launch trailer for Hardline, with a exciting and seizure-inducing mix of multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay and cutscenes. Check it out below. Battlefield Hardline releases March 17 in the US and March 19 in Europe.

Hardline Deluxe pre-orders confirmed to get exclusive weapons

Battlefield confirmed today in response to a question on Twitter that the weapons offered as bonuses for the Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order  are exclusive only to that pre-ordered version and cannot be obtained in-game by normal means. Per the Battlefield…
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DRMB Interview with Thad Sasser (video)

Don’t Revive Me Bro (DRMB) streamed a podcast last night in which they interviewed Visceral Games’s Lead MP Designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thad Sasser. This is an excellent opportunity to hear more on the development process of Hardline and the…
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Hardline Open Beta begins February 3 (Video)

Battlefield announced today that the open beta for Battlefield Hardline will run from February 3 through February 8, 2014. The beta is open to anyone wishing to play, so no registration will be necessary. The beta is playable on PC…
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Crosshair Game Mode

Today on IGN, a new game mode for Battlefield Hardline was announced. Dubbed “Crosshair”, this mode pits 5 criminals against 5 cops in a competitive no-respawn scenario. However, what makes this different from your typical 5v5 no-respawn, kill the other…
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#BFHardline Micro-News Roundup

If you follow any of the Battlefield related Twitter accounts or browse the forums, you are aware there is a near constant flow of small pieces of information about Battlefield Hardline that are interesting and useful, but alone are not…
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Weekly updates coming from Battlefield

Battlefield announced today that they will be providing weekly news updates and exclusive trailers every Wednesday until Hardline releases in March. Next Wednesday’s update will bring news on the next beta. The post also included a “letter” from Steve Papoutsis…
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Hardline Class Setup

Lead Multiplayer Designer, Thad Sasser (@dirtydeathdog) recently posted in a discussion thread on the Battlelog Forums about the current class setup for Battlefield Hardline. Here is what he said: Here’s the list of the classes, their current loadouts, and our…
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Hardline Singleplayer Gameplay Footage from Jackfrags

Below is some singleplayer footage for Battlefield Hardline with commentary from Jackfrags. This footage was obtained during a visit to Visceral studios in which he and others got to see and play some Hardline and provide feedback on its progression….
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